When IS the Best Bet NO Bet?

For many years now players have heard me say “The best bet on a random roller is no bet.” But there are also times when the best bet on a precision shooter – and yes, that may even include YOU – is no bet. Let’s take a stroll through Heavy’s Not So Perfect World Casino, a joint where things always seem to go wrong, and see if we can find a few examples….

Right off the bat I see a character that could just as easily be found in a John Patrick book – Imus Tossum. Although Imus has spent hundreds of hours practicing his toss from stick left, his spot was not available when he bought in at the table. Rather than look for another table or pass the dice to a shooter who is in position, Imus makes an effort to toss from straight out. His results, of course, rank right up there with the random rollers.

Over at the next table, in position but doing a terrible job, is a guy we’ll call Justin Town. As his name implies, Justin just got off the plane. He left his home in Georgia at 4AM in order to catch a 6AM flight to Vegas. He arrived at McCarren Airport at 9AM Vegas time, caught a cab to the casino and has been at the table for twelve hours straight. It’s just 10PM in Vegas, but his internal clock says its 1AM and he’s been up and at ’em for 21 hours. Do you think he’s tossing at his best?

Look, there’s one of our lady shooters, Shelby Hurling, across the pit at table four. Shelby is one of the best lady shooters in the world when she’s sober. Unfortunately, Shelby enjoys a good stiff drink or two when she’s gambling. Wager on her toss when she’s drinking and odds are you’ll be gambling too.

Then there’s Otto Khulit, who can’t keep his mouth shut about precision shooting at the table. After each toss he verbally critiques himself with comments like “Right die off axis,” or “Double pitched the left die.” Not only do I not want to bet on this guys tosses, I don’t want to be seen at the same table.

When do you bet on precision shooters – including yourself? When they’re rested, in position, sober and focused on the task at hand. Under any other circumstances – you may as well be playing slots.