You don't have to be a Don't player to love the number seven. Here are seven things to LOVE about casino craps!

You don’t have to be a Don’t player to love the number seven.  Here are seven things to LOVE about casino craps!

  1. There are EIGHT ways to win with “naturals” on the Come Out versus just FOUR ways to lose.  That’s right.  The odds are 2 – 1 in your favor on the Come Out roll that a 7 or 11 will roll versus any Craps Number.
  2. You can gain an ADVANTAGE over the game once the point is established through Dice Influence.  Yes, it’s true.  With knowledge, skill, and practical application you can gain a positive expectation over the game and win more often than you lose.
  3. You don’t HAVE to bet when you don’t have an advantage.  When “random roller” have the dice you can take a break, go to the restroom and wash your hands, order a drink, chat with the player next to you, step away from the table and check your text messages, or just stand there and watch.
  4. You can earn FREE stuff from the casino based on your casino play.  Casinos base your complimentaries – free rooms, meals, gifts, rounds of golf, etc. – on your “theoretical” loss – not your actual loss.  Your theoretical loss is based on your average bet times the house edge at the game multiplied times the number of hours you play.  Your actual win or loss doesn’t matter.
  5. You can also earn comps when you’re not betting!  Once you’re on the “comp clock” you can turn your bets off or just not bet on the next player if you want.  The casino floor person only updates your bets about once every twenty minutes, so you have a “free ride” on the clock until he updates the bets again.
  6. You can play with a PARTNER and earn double the comps with virtually NO downside exposure.  How?  By simply playing opposite sides of the game.  If one partner plays the “right side” while the other partner plays the “don’ts” the bets effectively zero each other out, but both partners earn comps for their play – a “hidden” win!
  7. YOU are in control of when you walk away.  If you get ahead of the game early there is absolutely NO reason why you cannot color up and walk away with a win – whether it be 20% or 200%.  Take the money and run.  Buy your valentine something special with half of it and reinvest the rest in building your bankroll.

Craps is the King of Casino Games.  No doubt you can think of MANY more great reasons to play.  The above are just a few that came to mind.  But why ever you play – play to win.  At the end of the day that’s the ONLY reason to play.  Playing for fun?  You and I both know losing isn’t fun.  So play to win – that’s where the fun is.