Axis Power Craps Father’s Day Weekend Father/Son – Daddy/Daughter Craps Seminar
Father's Day

Better than a new necktie. More educational than dinner with your teenagers. More fun than changing diapers. The only requirement? You just have to want to be the best craps player you can be.

Breaking with our tradition of not doing seminars on any sort of holiday weekend – even a holiday that was essentially created to sell greeting cards – we’ve decided to host a Father/Son – Daddy/Daughter Craps Clinic on Father’s Day Weekend – June 15th – 17th in fabulous Las Vegas.

Join Heavy and his daughter, “Flea,” for an exciting weekend at the tables, hosted by my buddy DarthN8r – who will be there to assist with coaching the class – including an eye-opening discussion of playing the Don’ts.

We’ll structure the weekend much the same as our One-on-One with Heavy weekends, beginning with a “Dutch” meet and greet get together on Friday, followed by a full day’s training on Saturday, a Sunday morning toss tweak for all (no Advanced Betting Class this time), then a full schedule of live casino play on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday’s class will start out with a brief introduction to craps basics for the benefit of any “kids” who don’t know the game. Then we’ll move into toss tweaks and tune-ups. If you don’t have a decent toss – we’ll help you develop one. If you toss needs a minor tweak we’ll take care of that as well. Once everyone’s toss looks good we’ll discuss basic betting strategies – including Dark Side play courtesy of DarthN8r. We’ll wrap the day up by playing a mock session just to make certain everyone has their craps-legs under them before going out and experiencing the joy of Saturday Night in Vegas. If we have enough “sons and daugthers” sign up for the class we might even do an “old adults versus young adults” competition of some sort.

Instead of doing a separate advanced betting strategy class on Sunday morning we’ll bring the entire class back in for one more toss tweak and a quick betting strategy review before heading out for a day of live play in the casinos. Expect a minimum of two live sessions with the coaches on Sunday. Odds are we’ll play at least more. Of course, if things are going great the lines between sessions sometimes blur. We won’t leave the table as long as we’re winning – but when things start to run against us we’ll run the other way.

Fathers – bring your sons and daughters. Sons and daughters – bring your dads. No kids? No problem. Join us anyway and get in on the fun!

The cost of the class is as follows.

Individual Alumni full weekend pricing is $595. That includes the Saturday class and the Sunday morning toss tweak plus all live casino sessions.

Individual New Student pricing for the full weekend is $795.

The Father/Son or Daddy/Daughter Combo cost for the full weekend is $1295 – a $95 savings over individual pricing.

If you’ve already made up your minds – enrollment links are as follow:

Individual Alumni Full Weekend – $595. Enroll here:

Individual New Student Full Weekend – $795. Enroll here:

Father/Son – Daddy/Daughter 2 Student Combo – $1295. Enroll here:

Tuition covers the cost of classes and all handouts. Students are on their own for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses.

Since MOST of those enrolling in the class will be Father/Son – Daddy/Daughter pairs I anticipate this class filling up twice as fast as most. Early registration is highly recommended. As always, tuition covers the cost of classes and all handouts. Students are on their own for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses.

Make your plans to join us in Vegas for Father’s Day now!

“Get in, get up, and get gone”

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