How to Own the Craps Table

No, I’m not talking about making a trip to Gambler’s General Store and investing in a table for your home.  I’m talking about taking ownership of the table whenever you have the dice – which, by the way, you ALSO take ownership of.  One of the best ways to take ownership of the table (and the dice) is to simply develop a routine you follow each and every time you touch the dice.  It might go something like this:

Get intimate with the table, locking your hip against the rail and gently rubbing your fingertips on the felt while preparing your mind for what is to come.  Relax, breath slowly and deeply.  Watch the dice while they are in the middle of the table.  Visualize the moves you will have to make to get the dice set once they come to you.  Then, when the stickman moves the dice set them quickly and smoothly in two seconds or less.

Close your eyes and grip the dice.  You have practiced this so many times you can do it by touch.  Keep your fingertips perfectly aligned and feel your mental energy extend beyond your fingertips into the dice.  At this point you are entering your position of power, blocking out all distractions at the table.  You and the dice are working together with the table – YOUR table – to achieve the desired outcome.

Open your eyes and aim.  Keeping the dice square and flush, choose the spot where your dice will land and visualize them striking the table and bouncing softly to the back wall before coming to rest on your number.  That is YOUR target spot on YOUR table.  Now take a deep breath, let it out, and execute your toss.

Your eyes remain fixed on the target area as your thumb releases and the dice roll up your fingertips.  As the dice leave your hand you follow through, as if waving “goodbye” to an old friend. The dice rotate on axis one – two – three times as they travel on a low, slow arc to the target.  The slight backspin reduces the forward momentum of the dice and they land on target and roll gently to the back wall – just as you envisioned them doing.  And you see your number rolled and whisper to yourself, “Yes!”

That’s one toss.  The most important toss at the moment.  But each toss stands alone and now it is time to toss again.  The next toss is the most important one.  Right now it’s the ONLY one.  Let’s do it again and own it!