Heavy's Even Number Press Strategy

From time to time players standing at the table with me will approach me after a session and ask things like “How the hell did you get your four and ten up to table max while I was still sitting back at $100 each?”  I always laugh, shake my head and just tell them that I got my bets paid for on the first hit, and after that the sky was the limit.”  Of course, the answer is a little more complex than that, but not much.

The deeper you getting roll tracking with BoneTracker the more interesting the little discoveries you’ll find.  For me, one of the better finds was that a certain V-3 mutant I use when I’m having a single pitch problem at the tables tends to kick off as many fours and tens as it does sixes and eights.  That, my friend, is a beautiful thing if you are savvy enough to recognize the trend early and get on board the Power Press Train.

Since all of my strategies are based on playing an $15 game my starting action is simple – $66 Even Numbers.  For you novices that’s $15 each on the four and ten and $18 each on the six and eight.  Keep an eye on the dealer when she sets that bet up, because they’re used to hearing players bet $66 inside, and sometimes that’s how they’ll set up your action.  Get it corrected before that first four or ten rolls and you don’t get paid on it.

For the sake of this example we’ll valet the Lexus at Heavy’s Perfect World Casino, walk in and step up to an empty $10 game.  That means the price of admission if you want to shoot the dice is $5 less than on a $15 game, and that’s fine with me but I’m still going to use $15 units for my place action.  Let’s go.

$10 Plays the Pass Line and a $5 World plus $1 ace-deuce and after an incredible six number game within a game Come Out series involving multiple horn numbers, a parlayed Pass Line bet after an eleven followed by two sevens, I set the point of NINE with an $80 profit already in the rack.  I use $50 of that profit for odds (Perfect World Casino is a 100X odds joint) and toss out three green chips and one white and tell the dealer to set me up $66 Even Numbers.  She repeats “$66 even – ten change” and hands off two red chips and sets up my bets.  Now I’m off to the races.

Second toss is an Eight.  It pays $21.  I drop $3 on top of it and tell the dealer to “make it look like $42.”  Something very important just happened here.  The Eight just became my Dominant Pressed number.  In this play nothing else gets Power Pressed until the rest of the bets or paid for.  If the six rolls we’ll just collect our $21 and say “Same Bet.”  However, special rules apply to the Four and Ten and we’ll get to those next.

Third toss is a Four.  The $15 Four pays $27.  I tell the dealer “Buy it for a Quarter.”  Once again, we’re in Heavy’s Perfect World Casino where the First Buy is Free – you only pay the juice on the win.  So the dealer sets up a $25 Buy bet on the Four and you get $17 change.  You now effectively have a free (paid for with $2 profit) bet on the Four.

Fourth toss is a Six.  Pays $21 – Same Bet.  Now you’ve collected $23 from your bets and dropped $3 to Power Press the Eight so you have $20 net off the table.  Remember, we have to get a total of $66 income off the table to offset our initial investment before we press again.

Fifth toss is another Six.  Pays $21 – Same Bet.  You now have $41 off the table.

Sixth toss is the Ten.  We handle the Ten just like the Four.  Buy it for $25 and lock up $17, $2 of which is profit.  That brings the profit total to $43.  We’re still $26 away from being able to press.  And the good news is – we have THREE numbers working for us that will pay $50 for $1 if they repeat – the Four, the Eight, and the Ten.

Seventh toss is the Nine.  WIN WIN WIN – PAY PAY PAY.  Pass line and odds pay $85 total and we’re in FAT CITY.  $128

Eighth roll – Come Out roll – another SIX.  That’s our third six and we have $128 in the rack.  Let’s take down that $18 Six and rack it, then take $50 odds and see where we go next.

Ninth toss – Ten.  The $25 Ten pays $50 for $1.  We’ll lock up $25 and press to $50.  (On the four and ten, once they are paid for we double up on every hit, locking up 50% of the win).

Tenth toss – Eight Hard.  No, we’re not worried about the hardways.  He Eight pays $50 for $1 – Same bet.  We’ve officially taken over $200 off the table.

Eleventh toss – Eight repeats.  “Make it look like $90.”  Collect $1 change and rack it.

Twelfth toss – Five rolls.  Nobody cares.

Thirteenth toss – Three craps.  Everybody knows threes follow fives.  They don’t?  Oops.  Wrong superstition.

Fourteenth toss – Ten again.  The $50 Ten pays $100 for $2 – Press to $100 and lock up $50.

Fifteenth toss – SIX hard.  WIN WIN WIN.  PAY PAY PAY.  The Pass Line and Odds pay another $80.  Our profits now top $300.  We have $240 on the table.  It’s the Come Out roll.

Sixteenth toss – Come Out Ten.  And this is big balls time.  You have nothing on the six and you have $100 on the Ten.  You take down the $100 Buy Bet on the Ten.  How much odds do you take behind the Ten and what do you do with the Six?  If it’s me I put the entire $100 behind the Ten, then drop $30 out of my rack on the table and make my Six and Eight look like $60 each.  In effect, I’m only adding $30 out of my rack.  I’m actually “in balance” between my profit off the table and profit on the table.  I have $270 in the rack and $270 on the table.  Let’s see where the hand goes.

Seventeenth toss – Four rolls – the $50 Four pays $100 for $2.  Press it to $100 and lock up $50.  We’ve back to $300 plus profit.

Eighteenth toss – Six rolls – pays $70 – “Make it look like $90” and lock up $40.

Ninetheenth toss – Six rolls again – pays $105 – Lock up $100 and toss $5 to the dealers as a hand-in tip.

Twentieth toss – Six rolls a third time in a row – pays $105 – press to $180 – lock up $15.  Our off the table profit is approaching $500.  Remember, at ANY time you can ALL of your bets down and effectively double your profit for the hand.  Or . . .

Twenty-first toss – TEN TEN TEN.  Pass line pays $210 total.  There goes the Don’t player – his tail tucked between his legs.

Twenty-second toss – Come Out Roll – TEN.  Relight it.  If we were to double up we’d take $200 odds.  Here’s where we separate the bettors from the bed wetters.  $200 odds plays behind.

Twenty-third toss – Six – Pays $210 – Same bet.

Twenty-fourth toss – Nine – no use.  At this point I may plug that hole with a $35 bet.  Why?  Because a hit at that level pays $50 for $1 and they pay me in Green Chips.

Twenty-fifth toss – Four easy.  Our $100 Four pays $200.  Now HERE is one of the places where we don’t double up.  In this case we’re going to press directly to $250, locking up $50 net of the vig.  Why?  Because the greed factor has kicked in and I want to get paid $500 on that next hit.

Twenty-sixth toss – Eight.  That $60 eight pays $70 and we press it to $90, locking up $40.

Twenty-seventh toss – Seven out – Line away.

Okay, I’ll let you guys do the math on how much we won or lost. Let me just recap with some press numbers for you.

First the Six or Eight

$18 – pays $21 – drop $3 and press to $42
$42 pays $50 – $1
$42 pays $50 – $1 – press to $90 – collect $1
$90 pays $105 – lock up $100 and toke dealers $5.  If you like, add $1 and Place the number that hit for them – your control.
$90 pays $105 – press to $180 – lock up $15
$180 pays $210
$180 pays $210 – drop $30 and press to $420
$420 pays $500 for $10
$420 pays $500 for $10 – press to $900 – collect $10.   (Note that you got to $900 on the six or eight in just nine hits)
$900 pays $1050 – lock up $1000 and toke dealers $50.
$900 pays $1050 – press to $1800 and lock up $150
$1800 pays  $2100 – same bet
$1800 pays $2100 – drop $300 and press to $4200
$4200 pays $5000 for $100
Next hit – say hello to table max if you’re not already there.

Now the Four and Ten:

$15 pays $27 – Buy for $25 and get $1 or $2 change – depending on breakage (we’ll ignore the vig going forward – just know you have to pay it.  The dealer will tell you how much if you don’t already know)
$25 pays $50 – Press to $50 and lock up $25
$50 pays $100 – Press to $100 and lock up $50
$100 pays $200 – Press to $250 and lock up $50
$250 pays $500 – Press to $500 and lock up $250  (at this point you have $500 on the table and $325 profit in the rack)
$500 pays $1000 – press to $1000 and lock up $500
$1000 pays $2000 – press to $2500 and lock up $500
$2500 pays $500 – press to $500 and lock up $2500
$2500 pays $5000 – hello table max if you aren’t already there.

Those are my basic even number progressions.  Hopefully the example up top will give you an idea as to how I play them.  The main thing is not to Power Press every hit right off the bat.  Get one dominant number pressed and let it and the rest of your Place Bets pay for your action before pressing further.  The exception is on the Four and Ten, which we’ll convert to $25 Buy Bets on the first hit – but will not press again until we have a profit in the rack.

Is this something that might work for you?  Might is the operative phrase.  It’s a high volatility play with long periods of losses interspersed with occasional bursts of great wins.  But when those wins come they are big and beautiful.  Best of luck if you give them a shot.