Down, Regress, Parlay, Press?

Well, here we go. Back to my old favorite haunt, Heavy’s Perfect World Casino – the joint where the math always works out in my favor. Since it’s that kind of casino, I don’t waste any time. I step right up to the table and toss out $160 across – and since it’s Perfect World Casino they don’t collect the vig until those buy bets on the four and ten hit!

“Dice are out – shooter has ‘em,” barks the stickman. Then the dice fly around the tub and come to rest in the middle of the Come Box.

“Ten harrrrrd,” is the call.

I drop $1 on the layout and the dealer sets $50 out for me. Now what the heck do I do?

If I subscribe to the old “due number” theory I might consider taking my Buy bet on the ten down. After all, it just rolled and it is unlikely that we will see it roll again anytime soon, right? In fact, there’s no guarantee that this hand will go on for one more roll! Maybe I should bring all of my action down and just place $44 inside. That will assure me of a $5 profit for this shooter no matter what rolls next. But what if the ten rolls again? Okay, I could regress to $32 across and have the ten covered, but the vig on place bets on the outside numbers is a killer! And what if this is just the beginning of the greatest streak of tens tossed in the history of the game? Heck. I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll just tell the dealer “same bet” and see if we get another hit on the ten. After all, I only have about $110 at risk after that first hit. But wait! Fours follow tens. I should press the four. Shouldn’t I? Or maybe I should press the four AND the ten. Make the four and ten look like $50 each. Then I’m doubling my chances to collect $100. But I’m also putting all of my profit back on the table! And what if this really IS the ten hand to end all ten hands. I don’t want to waste chips on the four, which hasn’t proven itself yet, and miss my chance to parlay the ten. Maybe I’ll just drop those two quarters back on the table and tell the man the ten goes to $75. Next hit will pay me $150 and . . .

“Dice are out. Shooter has ‘em. They go, they roll . . . seven out – line away!”

Damn. I guess there’s no such thing as a perfect world.