Craps is Like a Box of Chocolates

Imagine your sweetheart opening that box of candy you gave her – only to discover that someone had eaten all of the chocolates and replaced them with dice. Well, I’ll give you an “E” for effort, but that’s probably not going to win the love of your life over and get her to the table with you. Nevertheless, our game of choice is a bit like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get when you step up to the table. But craps seems to be enjoying a bit of a revival these days and we’re seeing more and more ladies at the tables. Perhaps you can turn your significant other into one of them.

There are a lot of different reasons why women are taking up craps these days, not the least of which is the amount of information out there on dice control and precision shooting. Add to that the relatively low edge the house holds on the best bets and the availability of comps for your table play, and it’s easy to see how craps can become a positive expectation game.

Want to get your sweetheart to the tables with you? Then maybe a little psychology – and a little horse trading – will get you there.

First off, remind the love of your life that she’s the luck in your life and with her by your side at the tables you’re bound to win. Follow up by reminding her that no matter how much fun those penny slots are, she’s betting $2.80 a pull and running around $30 a minute – that’s $1800 an hour – through the slots. Then tell her that craps is really a lot like playing slots. With slots you get to pull the handle or push the button on the machine. In craps you get to toss the dice.

Remind her that the best bets on the craps layout have a casino advantage of less than 1.5%, while most low limit slots offer something along the lines of 85% – 93% payback. And while slots tend to hit, then get cold for hours – long profitable streaks can happen at any time at craps.

Craps is also a lot more fun that slots. It’s a community game with a feeling that “we’re all in this together.” The player can cheer or jeer, make any bets he wants up to the table limit. If the table limit isn’t high enough she can ask the pit to raise it. She can even shout out crazy unadvertised bets with fun names like the “Buffalo” or “High-Low.” And if she’s really feeling adventurous she can toss out four bucks and shout, “Come on baby, give me something haaarrrrrd!”

Or maybe not.

And if, after all those efforts you still can’t convince the darling sweet girl to join you at the tables – offer to spend an hour sitting at the slot carousel next to her if she’ll spend an hour at the dice table next to you. It may not work, but at least she’ll know you care.

Oh, and don’t forget the box of chocolates.