Axis Power Craps Certified Coaches

Axis Power Craps was founded by Steve “Heavy” Haltom in 2001 and has operated continuously for over 20 years, on the cutting edge of dice control research and development. Axis Power Craps marries the best, proven toss techniques with the appropriate mathematically proven betting strategies to help losers stop the bleeding and become winners. Heavy’s 50 plus years of experience and his encyclopedic knowledge of the game shines through in every private lesson and seminar. Through the years he’s trained and taught with some of the biggest names in the business, but when it came time to expand Axis Power Craps and add additional coaches to carry the brand forward there were just a few that made the cut. Each of these individuals is fully qualified and authorized to book private classes in the Axis Power Craps method of Dice Control. They come with Heavy’s highest recommendation. Here is the list, along with links to their own pages here on the website and their contact information:

Nate “DarthNater” Fernandez. Nate has been Heavy’s primary coaching partner in Las Vegas since 2017, and stepped in to fill that roll in seminars in Biloxi after the casinos reopened from the State-imposed Covid shut-down in Mississippi in 2020. Nate’s craps career stretches back almost thirty years, and he’s studied dice influence in literally dozes of classes under both Heavy and Las Vegas dice coach Beau Parker over the last twenty years. Nate is proficient at both sides of the game, but is one of the foremost Dark Side experts in the industry. He is also one of the authors of the Extended Version of BoneTracker and is partially responsible for integrating the Coaster Charts into BoneTracker and bringing it to the public. Nate teaches private basic craps lessons, dice control classes, advanced betting strategy classes including Don’t play, and basic and advanced BoneTracker classes at his home in Henderson, Nevada, just thirty minutes South of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd. For more information on classes you can reach Nate by email at

Mark “220 Inside” Evangelisto: Mark took his first Axis Power Craps class in 2017. He immediately signed up for the following class, then purchased an Axis Power Craps “Golden Ticket” that gave him three classes for the price of two the following year. His dedication to both training and practice quickly showed up at the casino tables, where his ability to bang out long hands loaded with Nines and Tens became something of a legend. It wasn’t long before Mark was being invited to help out as an intern coach, then a full-fledged Assistant Coach at classes around the country. Recently he’s become known as the shooter to beat on the weekly “Fantasy Craps” program on YouTube, where he routinely tosses 40 – 60 roll hands, crushing the competition. Mark is the other half of the team that developed the Version of BoneTracker and is partially responsible for integrating the Coaster Charts into BoneTracker and bringing it to the public. He’s available to teach basic craps play, dice control, basic and advanced betting strategies, and basic and advanced BoneTracker sessions in his home in Carver, Massachusetts. For more information you can reach Mark by email at

Steve “Heavy” Haltom: Founder and creator of the Axis Power Craps method of dice control for casino craps – Heavy has over 50 years of experience at the casino craps tables. He first took up craps as a teenager, playing around the stockyards, fair grounds, and livestock shows, then later in “barracks games” in the Army in the 1960’s. From there he stepped up to casino play, where he was a junket player, visiting Las Vegas and Tahoe three to four times a year up until the mid 1990’s, when Riverboat Casinos first made and appearance in the Mid-South. Then he went from a three or four times a year player to a three or four times a week player.

That’s when I discovered I couldn’t play like a junket player anymore. I had to learn to play like a pro. The first step was learning how not to lose! The second step was learning how to win. And that started when I began watching what the consistent winners were doing and emulated it. The best shooters had three things in common. First, they pre-set the dice to specific numbers. Secondly, they gripped and tossed the dice exactly the same way every time. Third, the dice landed on the same spot on the table every time. By doing these three things I became a better shooter, and soon I was one of the best shooters in my market.”

In the late 1990’s Heavy went beyond just setting and betting the dice to determining just what the science was behind dice setting. He created the first dice setting strategy card that broke the 576 different possible dice sets down into six families of sets, and defined what the dominant numbers were for each set. Then he created a dice control strategy card that explained all of this with easy to read graphics and made it available to the average gambler on line for free. For many, this was the birth of modern dice control revolution.

In 2001 Heavy taught his first Axis Power Craps Seminar in Tunic, Mississippi. The class was was six hours in length, and was attended by 18 students, 2 coaches and 2 assistants. After the class ended the class broke up and headed to their favorite casinos to play. One group of five headed to the Hollywood Casino where a lady shooter from the class tossed a 90 minutes, 60 plus number hand. Three of the students from the class, all big bettors, took roughly $300K off the table during her hand, with the largest winner that session taking down $183K. That was how it all began.

Today, Heavy is still traveling the country, teaching 6 – 8 land based classes per year, primarily in Las Vegas and Biloxi, Mississippi, but occasionally in other markets like Louisiana, Kansas, Illinois, New Mexico, Michigan, New Jersey, and Connecticut. He also teaches Craps Cruise Seminars at Sea on Royal Caribbean two to three times a year, and hosts Cruise events for gamblers on other cruise lines as well, including Virgin, Carnival, Princess, Holland America, and NCL. When he’s not busy traveling around the country you can book a private lesson with him at his home in East Texas. Email Heavy direct at for details on any of the above.