The Converted Don't Come Strategy

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The Converted Don't Come Strategy

Post by heavy » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:56 pm

I actually came up with this idea after studying some of the material that DarthNater presented at the Right or Wrong Weekend class in Vegas this weekend. He's discussed "Big Steve's Yellow Chip" play at the last few classes, but this was the first time I realized what it really was. It was basically Sam Grafstien's Converted Come Bet Strategy flipped to the Dark Side.

In the Converted Come Bet Strategy Grafstein waits until a number rolls, then he Place Bets that number. The theory is that he did not like contract bets, and he didn't like even money bets. So, he'd wait until the number rolled and Place it. Then if it rolled again the same $10 bet that would be paid at even money if it were a Come bet would be paid $14 - $18 (on outside numbers) if it were a Place Bet. Makes sense to me.

So why not do a Converted Don't Come Bet. Wait until a number rolls, then Lay Bet that number. Don't Lay the six and eight - only Lay the Outside numbers. Keep the math working on your side more that way. I know, I know. I can hear it now. The crowd that says "I don't want to bet more to win less. I'd RATHER have a flat bet that pays even money on the Don'ts then to Lay the number. Okay. Then think about this from the right sider's point of view. If you bet the six and eight only on the righty side and the seven shows how many rolls does it take to recoup that lost wager next time around? The answer? 1.71 hits. Call it two hits. And if the seven shows THEN? You're back to being down two hits again because all THAT did was get you back to even. God forbid you were betting the Iron Cross and the seven showed. It takes an average of 5.37 rolls to recoup from that roll - and that's even worse than trying to recoup from the six and eight loss. Why? Because you're doing exactly what you accuse the Dark Sider's of doing. You're risking more to win less. On the Iron Cross you may be risking $85 inside plus $15 in the Field - $100 to win between $10 - $40. You're risking more to win less. Hey, you might consider playing the right side.

In any case, there's a strategy out there for everyone. I hope this one works for you.
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Re: The Converted Don't Come Strategy

Post by thnick » Sun Nov 22, 2020 9:09 am

IMO..wait until the outside number rolls..then wait one roll before laying it. Absolutely no scientific proof it helps, but I just hate getting bullfrogged.

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Re: The Converted Don't Come Strategy

Post by wild child » Sat Nov 28, 2020 8:01 pm

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