Axis Power Craps Dice are Temporarily SOLD OUT

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Axis Power Craps Dice are Temporarily SOLD OUT

Post by heavy » Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:02 pm

Now here's a treat for you. Axis Power Craps precision dice in five die sticks - one stick each of red and green - perfect for you guys who like to track your rolls in BoneTracker. Using one red die and one green die you can always tell which die is off axis and which is on (if both are not ON axis - which we hope they are).

Axis Power Craps dice are certified perfect by the manufacturer to within 1/10,000th of an inch. These are high gloss razor edge dice and you will LOVE the feel of new dice on your fingertips. Of course, it's easy for me to reach in the box and grab a couple of sticks so I always have new dice on my practice table. But YOU should keep fresh dice as well. Remember, the casino changes the dice at every shift change in most cases. Assuming 60 rolls per hour over eight hours that's 480 rolls per stick. With two sticks of dice think in terms of around 1000 rolls before you start inspecting your dice for chips and dings that might result in a biased outcome. If they still look good - keep on tossing. If not - time for a new stick.

We SOLD OUT of what is normally a full year's supply in just 3 months this Spring. I reordered what would be another 6 months supply under normal conditions, but we sold through that re-supply as well. At present we have our 2020 dice in the order bank with fulfillment expected in the first quarter of 2020. Watch for an announcement when they are back in stock.
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