2018 Axis Power Craps Dice - SOLD OUT

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2018 Axis Power Craps Dice - SOLD OUT

Post by heavy » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:50 pm

The 2018 Edition of our Axis Power Craps casino dice have SOLD OUT!

Our recent "close out" sale of Axis Power Craps dice worked better than expected and we're currently sold out of dice. The 2019 dice are on order now, but delivery is not expected until early to mid February. We're hoping to have them in hand in time for the Craps Cruise on February 10ty.

Thanks for your patronage. While we are currently out of dice here at APC, our craps partners Dice Coach and Howard Rock 'n Roller both sell the same quality dice as we do at comparable prices. I'm sure either of them will be happy to accomodate you until we are resupplied.

Watch for the 2019 Dice Announcement - coming soon.

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