The Official Axis Power Craps - Craps Table

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The Official Axis Power Craps - Craps Table

Post by heavy » Sat Sep 19, 2020 2:15 pm

For many years we've featured plans on the Axis Power Craps and Crapsfest websites that you could download to build your own craps table. Last year one of our group members, who owns a custom cabinet manufacturing facility, downloaded those plans, converted them to CNC language, made some minor adjustments to correct the depth of the bowl on the original tub plans and built his own table. Since then he's built several more, and provided me with photos of the builds - both in progress and of the finished product. I was so impressed I had one of our local members stop by his shop and check out the work - and even toss a few on the table. Suffice to say, he was impressed. So much so that I've decided to endorse his tables as the "official" Axis Power Craps Craps Table.

This particular gent's manufacturing facility builds custom cabinets for a segment of the construction trade that's suffered greatly during the Covid-19 shutdown. His goal in joining me in this project is simple. He's trying to keep is skilled tradesmen employed. Building craps tables is a way to help do that. Which gets us to where are today.

I mentioned in another announcement that we were offering completed tables for $3495 for a 10' table and $3795 for a 12' table. These are gorgeous tables, priced at or below the current market for new home craps tables. I consider them to be a fantastic value. But we wanted to take it one step farther for those of you who would like to build your own table but don't have the tools or knowledge to cut out the components, do the kerf cuts and bends to build the tub, and make it all come together. To that end we've come up with a "Kit Craps Table" you can built yourself.

The "flagship" kit will come in a 10' length that will fit in most homes. It contains all of the wooden components (unstained) pre-cut and ready to assemble - including a padded top rail. It does not include the layout, diamond rubber, or acrylic mirrors - but those items can be added for an additional fee. Many players like to order those items themselves as they find they can get them cheaper (or get layouts customized) from other sources. Note that the acrylic mirrors may be an exception as they should be custom cut to fit the table. The cost of the bare bones kit table is $1995 plus shipping from the manufacturer in Atlanta, Georgia. If you prefer to order a 12' table it runs $2195 plus shipping and handling. Please be sure you have space for a 12' table before ordering. Remember, you'll need at least two to three feet on each end of the table after you set it up, so you'll need a room with at least 17' - 18' of open floor space for a 12' table.

If you're interested in either a completed table or a kit "build it yourself" table e-mail me direct at with the Subject Line "Axis Power Craps Table" and I will put you in direct contact with the dealer where you can discuss your needs and finalize a purchase.

I'm including a graphic of the kit table below so you can see the individual components and how simple assembly is.
10ft Craps Table Layout Information .jpg
10ft Craps Table Layout Information .jpg (58.74 KiB) Viewed 654 times
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Re: The Official Axis Power Craps - Craps Table

Post by gargoil » Tue Sep 22, 2020 1:44 pm

I have seen those tables and visited the manufacturing site. I helped take one apart and put it back together. Those tables are a great quality and they come at a bargain price. The custom layout is phenomenal. The owner is very cool and is an avid blackjack and craps player.

I am not part of the business and make no money from any sale. I just gave HEAVY feedback on what I saw from the manufacturing process to the shipping. Anyone gets one of those tables will be very happy with it.
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