Craps Cruise II Potential Dates and Itineraries

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Craps Cruise II Potential Dates and Itineraries

Post by heavy » Tue Dec 25, 2018 3:48 am

First off, let's just toss the general date guideline out there. I'm looking to book something for Craps Cruise II in the mid September to mid October range. The reason for this is simply to put is six - eight months downstream from Craps Cruise II - AND to allow us to take advantage of what's known as "shoulder season" pricing. Translated - early Fall. Bearing in mind that we already have a firm date for the DarkSiders Ball (which, by the way, will sort of be combined with my 70th birthday - good grief!) in Vegas the weekend of September 13th - means I'm really looking for the END of September to mid October. SO here's what the possibilities are:

Western Caribbean - sailing out of Galveston. Okay, admittedly Craig at URComped likes this one because it's an inexpensive comp and air travel for he and I would be peanuts. Hell, I'd just drive to Galveston. Then again, not everyone in the world wants to fly to Houston and shuttle to Galveston. Likewise, we're talking October in the Caribbean and it's hurricane season. Then again, it's hurricane season in the Atlantic as well, so maybe we just buy trip insurance and go with it. There are numerous dates available in October but the one I was looking at was October 4th - 9th, which makes this a five nighter and a little easier for some who have to plan vacation times around 5 - 7 day units. A back-up date might be October 9th - 14th (Columbus Day).

Bermuda - sailing out of Cape Liberty (Bayonne, NJ). Both Craig and I like the idea of sailing out of Bayonne because both of us have a large client base in the mid-Atlantic and NY/NJ market. Airfare from Texas is frequently on sale and, again, there are some good cruise values to be had at this time of year. The Bermuda run is a five night cruise. Unlike those Caribbean "six islands in four day" cruises - on a Bermuda cruise you're "at sea" for two days getting there, on the island for one day (including overnight) and back "at sea" for two days getting back to the States. If you're looking for a lot of "island time" this is probably not an itinerary that's going to excite you. If you're looking for a craps cruise - well, think in terms of plenty of casino time.

The third option we're considering is also out of Cape Liberty and is on the same ship (Anthem of the Seas). It's a nine night New England and Canadian cruise. Yeah, this one's a little longer and will require a lot more vacation time - and planning for a lot of you. And while it's my favorite itinerary in the bunch - this may be one I have to put on the URComped list for the bride and me to do on our own (or perhaps with a couple of other couples). But hey, if you're into fall color, lobsters, and all that goes with it then this might be a blast. Put it on your list to consider.

Of course, there are plenty of options to consider out of Port Canaveral, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans - so (again, keeping that hurricane thing in mind again) if you have other recommendations I'll run them up the flagpole as well. But it's time to start making plans if we want this thing to grow legs, so opinions - particularly from those of you who will actually sign on and join us on one of these events - are encouraged.
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Re: Craps Cruise II Potential Dates and Itineraries

Post by ErikC » Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:33 am

5 day to Bermuda sailing would be a great one for me personally and I would certainly sign on. I’m based on the east coast so this is great. Plus shorter cruises are easier to plan!

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