Crapsfest 2008

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Crapsfest 2008

Post by $5Bill » Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:48 pm

Oct 9, 2008 - Oct 14, 2008



Oct 9, 2008 - Oct 14, 2008

The night before I left for Vegas, I couldn’t get my mind to calm down. So I laid awake in bed most of the
night. I think I only got 4 hours sleep. I loaded up the car the next morning and I was off to the airport. I had
read everything on how to get through the airport and to my amazement it went pretty smooth. The only
thing is, I get nervous flying but it’s the only way to get around. It goes back to when I was 15. This
Northwest airlines Lockheed Electra took off from O’Hara airport and crashed. I went out there and saw them
carry all the bodies out. A long time ago, when I was married and young, I used to drink my way through the
flights. But now, I just take a pill. For some reason, it’s just not as much fun. I think it’s more fun flying the
other way.


After a four hour flight, I arrived safely and Anomolyst picked me up outside the airport. I bought one of
those pay as you go cell phones for this trip. It sure made it easy to find Anomolyst and everybody else for
that matter. We decided to get some of the players cards from different casino’s. I would run in and get my
card and see if I could get any free stuff while he waited outside in the car. I was getting hungry so we were
going to have dinner at the Venetian. But on the way there, I realized that I was to exhausted and I told him
that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. We said we could come back another day. I’m glad we saved that for the
last day of my trip because that place was something else.

I checked in my hotel downtown. I was still hungry, so I went over to the Golden Nugget and went to their
buffet. I had heard it was good and it was. After dinner I just had to try the tables. It was a short session and
I won $2 . When I got to my room, I went right to bed. All of a sudden, I hear all this noise. My room faced the
Fremont Experience and that kept me up most of the night. The next morning I asked the desk clerk to
change my room to the other side which they did. I got a bigger room with a better view of Vegas looking
north over the valley.

I had a meet set up for Friday morning downstairs at the $3 crap tables with Anomolyst and Riggs. I got
there a little early and bought in for $100. I guess it was the lack of sleep because the next thing I knew I was
down -$50 and I didn’t know how I got down that far betting $3 at a time. In Vegas they have blue chips
instead of white chips like we have up here in the north. Anyway with the lack of sleep and different colored
chips, I might have been betting 3 red chips at a time instead of 3 blue chips. I guess I’ll never know.
Anomolyst and Riggs showed up and I ended up down -$39. We were off to Mandalay Bay to play the craps
tub by the pool but when we got there, we found out that it was closed for the season. So off we went to
Hooters. The day before when Anomolyst drove me around collecting players cards, I found out that they
give you a $25 match play coupon for signing up and $100 in free slot play. Riggs put down his match play
on the pass line and I put mine on the Don’t pass. Yep, Riggs won that one. We went to use the $100 slot play
and you could only use it on a roped off set of machines. You could only win at the top 2 jack pots or win
when you got over $1700 in credits. It just wasn’t worth the time we spent there playing those machines.
Riggs had to go some place else and Anomolyst and I went too ?. Geez, I can’t remember. I need some more
sleep. Oh! Amonolyst and I had a Two on Two with Irish and Maddog over at Roadrunners house. Wow, does
he ever have a nice set up. We worked on several things and I learned a lot from them. I knew what Irish
looked like but I had this image of Maddog in my head, you know like a wild kind of guy with rings hanging
from his ears and nose and things. LOL, he’s nothing like that at all. In fact he is one of the nicest guys you
will ever want to meet. By the way, Thanks Anomolyst for the Two on Two.

That night, I might up with all the guys at the meet and greet. Heavy sure does look different since the last
time I saw him. You know, with the beard and everything. He told me about his problem and the emergency
room and the stitches just before he left. I couldn’t believe it. When he says he is going to be some where,
nothing seems to stop him. He’s like that rabbit for that battery commercial. He just keeps going and going
and going. Thanks Heavy! I got to meet all the people and that was fun putting faces to the names.

Afterwards, I just had to try and catch up on some sleep. But when I got back to my room, I just laid there
again. I couldn’t go to sleep. I was so exhausted but my mind wouldn’t shut down.

I had set up a meet at 6am with Irish and Maddog at Starbucks. They were going to drive me over to the
early hookup with the rest of the group. But my alarm didn’t go off. All of sudden I get a call from Irish, were
are you? “OH shit, let me throw on some pants and I’ll be down in 10 minutes.” They were nice about it but I
felt bad that I had screwed up. When we got to the hookup, everybody was there, except I didn’t see Heavy.
Well, he over slept too, so I didn’t feel so bad. So far I’m averaging 4 hrs sleep a night and my body can’t cut

After the early session, I went with Irish and Maddog over to the dealers school. I got to sit down for the rest
of the day and I listened to Heavy as he taught the class. We introduced our selves and when it got to me, I
thanked Heavy and all the great people on this board for getting me here to Las Vegas. Then Heavy handed
me an envelope with the money donated form the “Pay It Forward Fund” to cover my expenses. A note inside
read, “Enjoy your vacation. Here’s a little something to help you along!” Thanks to you Double Trouble,
Covewi, Shootitall, Roller123, Stevan, Diecast, Raydice, FreddieB, Jack Barlow, Nune, a Fellow Navy Guy,
Anonymous and Heavy. And to the rest of you who have supported me all through the years. This is the
GREATEST bunch of People I have ever come across in my WHOLE LIFETIME!

After a little while we broke for lunch. The Pizza was great. I haven’t had that for a loooong time BUT you
could have served some wine with that though Heavy. Two of my favorite things that I’m not suppose to

When the class was over I went straight back to Bed. I had planned on seeing “The Jersey Boy’s” that night
but it didn’t start until 10pm and I didn’t want to stay up that late and get all worn out again. So, I just stayed
downtown. I finally had caught up on my rest and I was feeling really good. I had this free slot play that my
hotel gave me . So I went over to this bank of Miller slot machines. I punched in the number so I could get my
$10 worth of credit and started playing. I hit these three six packs which gave me a $15 win. I didn’t know it
at the time but I also won a free case of Miller Beer. I walked away from the machine. But it was ok, what
would I do lugging around a case of beer? Plus I don’t drink anyway. I went outside and watched the
Fremont Experience with all the lights and listened to this saxophone player outside. I enjoyed that. It was
time to get something to eat. So I went to the tables and made $21 and then went up to the $21 buffet. It’s fun
when you can do that. I had been doing ok so far on the trip and everything was turning out great. But I
guess all good things come to an end because after dinner I strolled down Fremont by myself and went into
Fitzgerald’s. Bad mistake. I lost there and then went to another place were I had another losing session. I
went back to my hotel but stopped at the tables one more time to see if I could win something. The dice gods
must have turned against me. I went back up to my room and called it a night.

On Sunday, the team went and did their thing while I met up with the rest of the group downtown. I went
over to get my breakfast at Starbucks and who do think I saw their, who else would you meet but Irish and
Maddog. I knew they were going to be at the hookup that morning so I just tagged along with them. We
stopped at one casino and had a session before we met up with the rest of the group. When we met the
others the casino was so cold inside that they gave all of us their casino logo T-shirts to keep us warm. That
was cool. But I lost a $100 there. But we went down the street and went into Binion’s where we were to meet
up with Heavy after they were through with their team play at another casino. I got on a table with Anomolyst
and was making money. He’s a good shooter. I hadn’t noticed but when I looked up I saw all the other guys
and Heavy at the other table. They were Hootin’ and Hollering. I wanted to get in on that action but there was
no room at their table. “Nut’s!” I kept checking and noticed a place right next to Heavy. I made a Bee Line for
the spot. “Hi Bill,” Heavy calls out. Boy was he in a great mood. He should have been. I thought he would
never give up the dice. I just wished I could have got in on all the action from the beginning. He had was half
way through his roll when I got to his table. I played it conservative when I should have put it all out there for
once in my life. But you know me, I’m a dark side player and I always think the seven’s going to show any
minute especially after Heavy was around the 30 roll mark. But he just kept rolling and rolling. Every body
was having a Blast and the racks were filling up like crazy. Heavy had a 66 roll hand. That was one of the
Highlights of the trip.

Afterwards, he had to leave to go back home, I played with the other guys the rest of the day. On Monday,
the day Anomolyst and I were going to leave, we met up early at Binions and played a little and then I
checked out of my room. Anomolyst had to go over to his hotel and check out of his room. While he did that I
stayed down and played. It was a $5 table and I bought in for $100. I was only betting $5 at a time. I just
couldn’t win. I think out of all that, I won once. I walked away and went to the bar and took a break. Then I
went back and tried it again. By this time Anomolyst had come down and we played some more. When we
left, I had made all my money back plus a small profit.

Before we had to get to the airport, I wanted to go to the Palazzo and the Venetian just to see what they
looked like. I didn’t know they were both connected. It’s one Giant Hotel. We started out at the Venetian
Casino. I have this Picture on my computer I use as a screen saver. It’s a picture of this one certain table.


I said, "I just want to say I played on that table." So I bought in. “Caution, Do Not Play At This Table” It’s a 12
footer but it’s as bouncy as all get out. I lost there and went to one of the other tables that are 14 footers. I
got my money back and made a $10 profit. I’m out of there. We got lunch at the food court and the went
looking around. This place was so beautiful with the canals and the entrance hall. But the best part was
when we got to the Palazzo. “Holy Mackerel,” It was gorgeous. “This is my place,” I said to Anomolyst. We
went to the craps table. Now, I measure all crap tables by the ones we have at the Grand Victoria because I
think we have the best tables. Well, I found The table to beat all craps tables. The Tables at the Palazzo are
THE BEST! I only wish I would have discovered them earlier. We had to get to the airport. Thanks again
Anomolyst for driving me around and Thanks To ALL the Guys for making this trip possible for me. I couldn’t
have done without you!



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Re: Crapsfest 2008

Post by heavy » Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:47 am

Since Maddog has been posting his trips down Memory Lane as we ramp up for Crapsfest in Vegas, I thought I'd bring $5Bill's post from a year or so back -up to the top of the forum again. This report was from 2008, when I tossed back-to-back hour-plus hands at Binion's in Vegas. Enjoy.
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