The Original Crapsfest / Axis Power Craps Archives Post #9

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The Original Crapsfest / Axis Power Craps Archives Post #9

Post by heavy » Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:02 pm

Once again, refer to posts 1 thru 6 in this series to better understand the formatting issues with the archival posts. Here is post #9

139 fc603733d3 Why are Casino Games so Easy? Let’s face it, we all remember that first time we played craps, right? If you were like most folks you circled the tables half a dozen times trying to gather the nerve to step up and just watch. Then, when you finally got the the point of playing your hands trembled as you tried to hand your money to the dealer – who promptly told you in no uncertain terms to drop it on the table. By the time your chips were in front of you, you had a case of the cold sweats as you tried to decipher the layout and the myriad bets available to you. Hey, the game is scary and virtually ALL beginners are intimidated by it. It's not that they are afraid of losing money, they're simply worried about making mistakes and looking foolish. That, of course, is one of the reasons for the popularity of slot machines and on-line casinos. For many players – they are simply less threatening to play. Recently I had a student in one of my classes who had never played in a brick-and-mortar casino. Instead, he played the on-line casinos. Why? Because he enjoyed the anonymity of the Internet. He told me didn’t smoke, seldom drank, and didn’t like crowds. Why then, I asked, are you taking a precision craps shooting class when you only play with electronic dice? And then the truth came out. Because I’d like to go someday, he said, and I don’t want to look stupid at the table. Fear of embarrassment is a powerful deterrent. But it can also be a costly one. Every day around the world thousands of players plop down in front of slot machines with poor pay-out tables and start dumping in their bankroll. Many of them will tell you they enjoy playing slots. Perhaps some of them do. But I don’t recall every seeing a slot player exchanging high-fives with the person at the machine next to him. And you’ll seldom even see one of them smile. Still, for many of these players table games are simply too intimidating. They’re just too difficult to play. Remember, the easier a game is to play, the more you can expect to pay. Casino slots and on-line versions of table games may only pose a minor threat to your ego, but they are a major threat to your bankroll. You can reduce the casino’s edge by playing table games and playing them correctly. But first you have to step up the table.
140 757cb47a3c [color=green:757cb47a3c][b:757cb47a3c]I Got in a Lot of Practice at the Casino Yesterday [/b:757cb47a3c] [/color:757cb47a3c][/size:757cb47a3c] [color=blue:757cb47a3c][b:757cb47a3c]Feb 5, 2010[/b:757cb47a3c][/color:757cb47a3c] Irionside and I met up again on Thursday. He was lucky and got a place at SL1. The tables were full otherwise so I went downstairs and got a decafe. When I returned I was able to squeeze into SL2 right next to him. This time I bought in for $200. I had planned to take it easy the first time around the table. I played $5 on the Don’t for my first bet. If there’s any that I hate, it’s losing that first bet at the table. I don’t know why it brothers me so much. I guess it’s because I except to win right off the bat so I’ll have a cushion to play with. For the next shooter, I bet $5 on the Don’t and placed the 6 and 8 for $6 each. I was going to take one hit and then take down my bets and leave the Don’t pass up. Of course the 7 came before I got a hit. I was digging myself in a whole. In the two hours we played, I had the dice twice. The first time I only played the minimum Don’t bet. I just didn’t know how my shooting would be. Well I ended up shooting somewhere in the 20 roll range using the Straight 6’s set. I just couldn’t seven-out. I guess one dice was always going off axis. I wasn’t down that much, somewhere about $60. I wanted to finish this session in the black though. I made a few bucks on some of the other shooters and then I got the dice back for the second time. I knew my shooting was on even though the results were backwards from the set I was using. So I decided to play Dicers Strategy. I only did the first stage and[color=green:757cb47a3c][b:757cb47a3c] I ended up +$9 for the session.[/b:757cb47a3c][/color:757cb47a3c][/size:757cb47a3c] Irionside and I went to the buffet and saw one of the other regulars there. We all sat together. I wish I could tell you what we talked about. Those talks can be just as much fun as playing craps. That’s all I’ll say about that. I pushed Irionside to his car after we spent 2 hours at lunch. I had nothing else to do so I went back in to play again. This time I got my spot at SL 1. The table was only half full while the other tables were packed. I stayed on the Don’t but I struggled for the 4 hours that I played. Choppy was the name of the game. There were so many 7’s on the come out. I was tying to hold on to my $200 buy-in so I didn’t want to start over betting but I had to do something. The next time I saw a 7 being thrown on a come-out, I layed the 5 for $31 and parleyed it on the following roll if it was another 7 and then I took it down when the point was established. I hit that bet twice, parlaying it only once both time. But it helped out my bankroll. There was one other big bet for me that I made. I made a $30, 6 and 8 and $20 in the field. The shooter had been rolling a series of craps and I wanted to take advantage of it. I got lucky and the shooter rolled the 12 while I had $20 in the field. I took everything down and didn’t make that bet again. This session was soo freaking long. All I wanted was to walk out with a small win. Towards the end, this dice setter came up to the table at SR1. I didn’t know who he was. I never saw him before. Probably because it was somewhere after 7 pm and I don’t play at night. Now I wasn’t going to bet big on this guy until I knew what he could do. He took his sweet time setting the dice and shot from the deck. Nice shooting. So the next time he got the dice, I did Dicer’s Strategy going $44 inside, taking one hit and telling the dealer $22 inside pressure. One more hit and down. After he was through shooting he colored up and made a quick $80 shooting only twice. I got the dice next and knew my shooting was on. Besides I was exhausted and I wanted to go home with some kind of a win. So I did the first stage of Dicer Strategy again. I collected my $35 and took everything down. The only thing I had up was a $5 Don’t bet on the 10. Well dam, I got on one of those rolls where I couldn’t seven-out again. I didn’t want to change the straight 6’s set with the 7’s all around that I was using because I was ahead for the day and I just want to see how long the roll would go using this set. In the meantime two young dice setters came up next to me and started talking about my shooting and talking about Sharpsooters book. I had never seen these guys before either. When my roll was over the young kid said that I had rolled the dice 22 times before sevening-out. I was through for the day. I told the young dice setter that he could have my SL1 spot. I moved out of the way so he could shoot and I waited while they colored up my chips. I had [color=green:757cb47a3c][b:757cb47a3c]made +$8 for this session.[/b:757cb47a3c][/color:757cb47a3c] [/size:757cb47a3c] This was a L-O-N-G day. I had played 2 hrs in the morning with Irionside and then lunch for 2 hrs, then back playing craps for another 4 hrs. When I got home I just slept. I went to my cardiac rehab class this morning then came back home and slept the rest of the day. It wasn’t until 8 pm this evening that I was able to type up this trip report. I hope I don’t have anymore of those long days again, well unless I’m winning tons of money. [color=green:757cb47a3c][b:757cb47a3c]Up for the Day +$17[/b:757cb47a3c][/color:757cb47a3c][/size:757cb47a3c] It just wasn’t worth it! But look at it this way I got lots of practice. $5Bill
141 4d0ea1b7e2 Zen Craps - The Art of Going with the Flow Years ago I wrote an article called “The Twelvefold Tao of Craps.” It appears elsewhere on this forum and has been one of my most popular articles. Dig around a bit and you'll find it here or on one of the many websites where it has been reprinted. While it’s essentially a humor piece, I’ve received a lot of comments from readers who were struck by the underlying truths highlighted in the article. They’re really not exotic mysteries of the East. They’re simply common sense observations on casino craps and the people who play the game. Yet there is a lot of “Zen” in the article as well. For most of us, exposure to Zen and Buddhist philosophy is limited to Hollywood’s version or an advertisement for Tony Robbins’ Firewalk Seminar. Of course, Buddha didn’t attend a class that changed his life over the course of a weekend, and you shouldn’t expect to either. And that includes craps classes. Even so, ancient wisdom is just as useful today as it was two, three, or even five thousand years ago. For those of you who don’t know – Buddha had a name. He was born Siddhartha Gautama in the foothills of the Himalayas at around 560 B.C. The son of a king, Siddhartha was raised in a pleasure-palace that shielded the him from human misery and suffering. But one day the young prince saw four things that filled him with sorrow. He saw a sick man, a poor man, a beggar, and a corpse. Siddhartha was so stricken by these images that he abandoned his pampered lifestyle and dedicated himself to a life of extreme personal denial. He fasted until he was so thin that he could stretch his hands around his waist, yet he could not find the inner peace he sought. Then one day he overheard a music teacher telling his students, “If the instrument’s strings are too tight then it will not play harmoniously. If the strings are too loose it will not produce music at all. Only the middle way, not too tight and not too loose, will produce music.” This overheard conversation changed the young prince and led to his “awakening,” or Zen. And that in turn led him to “The Middle Way” and the Eightfold Noble Path. Its eight tenets are right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. Those eight tenets – plus a little fortune cookie humor - were the launch pad for the Twelvefold Tao of Craps article. In a sense, many precision shooters are practicing a sort of Zen. We often talk about right understanding (knowledge of the game), right thought (approaching the game with a positive mental attitude), right speech (the language of the game), right action (take me down), right livelihood (don’t quit the day job), right effort (give it a fair shot before saying it won’t work), right mindfulness (play when you’re fresh – not when you’re tired or distracted) and right concentration (shooting from the “zone”). In truth, though, the casino is not a holy place. Tobacco smoke is far removed from the sweet incense of the East, and those skimpy-costumed cocktail servers are anything but saffron-robed monks. In Hollywood’s version of Zen we hear “See the ball, be the ball” – Caddyshack. Or “Use the Force, Luke” – Star Wars. And we’ve all heard the old lines about being “at one with the universe.” The idea behind this philosophy is simple: that all things are inter-connected, and that the only boundaries are those we create in our minds. Those boundaries – which we’ll call limitations – are significant. The human brain continuously labels, categorizes, and prejudges everything it perceives into constructs that are acceptable to its belief system. But what if you could set those belief systems aside and accept the undivided wholeness of things and their fluid nature. Then suddenly you would be onto something. You take on a Ying and Yang approach to life. You accept the good with the bad. You start to “mellow out.” And that ain’t all bad. Let’s take this Ying and Yang thing to the craps table. You have right way players and wrong way players. Both will win about half the time. But there is an ebb and flow to the game. The universe is fluid. So sometimes the wrong way players will win more often than the right way players, and vice versa. But if the universe is fluid for the players it must also be fluid for the casinos. That means sometimes the players win more than the table, and vice-versa. Occasionally you’ll hear casino personnel refer to a table that’s going through a negative cycle as a “dumping” table. The house is continually dumping chips onto the table – and the table is dumping them in the players’ pockets. The table is writing checks on sevens that won’t be cashed for another week or so, when the universe flows the other way. Take this concept out one step further and you’ll find cases where the entire casino is going through a negative cycle. On those occasions virtually every game in the house is paying out more than it’s taking in. The casino is dumping. Some players I know even go so far as to call casino personnel they know before making a trip to Vegas – looking for information on which casino is currently dumping. You can bet there’s one out there that is – and the Zen thing to do in times like those is to “go with the flow.” The real key, though, is not getting swept away by the current. Craps is a great game. It can provide a thrill a minute. But the thrills are worth little if the rest of your life is in ruins. The best craps players know there’s another world out there – beyond the casino. A world where white cranes stand in water and bob for fish, where old men stare at the sunlight on the snow, where children marvel at the touch of a feather, and where the only music you hear is water, wind, and the birds.
142 f0f952bca0 [color=green:f0f952bca0][b:f0f952bca0]It Was Short and Sweet Today. I Love It! [/b:f0f952bca0] [/color:f0f952bca0][/size:f0f952bca0] [color=blue:f0f952bca0][b:f0f952bca0]Feb 6, 2010[/b:f0f952bca0][/color:f0f952bca0] I got caught up on my sleep and after sitting around the apartment for a while, I just had to get out. There wasn’t anything I could think of to do. So I got out my rig to see if my shooting was still on. Well it was and off to the casino I went. When I got there I saw a table with my SL1 spot open and bought in for $200. I put my $6 down on the Don’t and the box told me this was a $10 game. Opps, I didn’t see the sign. I picked up my bet and left. Sending me off to find another table was the best thing they could have done for me. I came across this $5 table and found my spot open again. This must be my day. I had just missed my turn with the dice. The table was half full and it seemed to be a cold. Man, that was an understatement. I put my $6 down on the Don’t Pass. From there I never lost a bet. I won 5x’s in a row on the randies and when I got the dice, I won my $5 bet on the Don’t. In the first 15 minutes, I won more money then in the 6 hours I played on Thursday. Now that’s what I like to see. After I rolled 5 times to win my bet, the guy next to me started shooting from the Don’t. I didn’t have any bets on him. This guy made Golfer’s hopping 7 bets look sick. He was doing the Martingale on the 7’s hopping. I saw him get up to $135 on that bet. Of course he didn’t win on that toss and he didn’t have any more money to go to the next step. Well on the next roll the shooter rolls the 7. This guy was laying all his other money in odds on his Don’t Come bets. And it was working for him since the table was so cold until he started rolling. That’s when the table changed. He couldn’t seven-out. He passed the dice to the next shooter before his turn was through. I saw him go from a few hundred up to over a thousand when the table was cold and then back all the way down until he only had two red chips left. He used those to make a couple of whirl bets before it was all over for him. I waited to see how the next two shooters were going to do. Sure enough the guys were making a couple of points. It was time to leave the building. I didn’t want to get caught up on a choppy table and end up digging myself out of a hole again. I played for ½ hour and made… [color=green:f0f952bca0][b:f0f952bca0]Up For the Day +$35[/b:f0f952bca0][/color:f0f952bca0] [/size:f0f952bca0] $5Bill
143 28b4fa3e90 Weak Knees, Clammy Hands, and Monster Rolls Fight or flight - we've all heard it. And it was never more true than at the craps table. For some people stress is simply a tool to increase their performance level. Let's face it. Most of us perform best when facing a challenge as long as we are adequately prepared for it. But for other players stress is a major obstacle. An obstacle that for some - is insurmountable. Typically players handle stress in one of two ways. They become nervous, overwrought, and choke on the situation - OR they control their physical and mental state by going on "auto-pilot" and producing a conditioned response. This "shifting gears" can be a very powerful tool for individuals who are frequently exposed to high-stress situations. It is something to strive for. However, there is a problem. Some people live their entire lives on auto-pilot. These are people who "thrive" on stress, individuals who, for whatever reason, see most situations as opportunities for failure instead of for success . They see people as potential enemies instead of as potential allies. And if they find themselves in a stress-free situation they must CREATE a stressful situation in order to thrive. If you find yourself in that group, there are a variety of different strategies you can use to control the stress in your life. Exercise, deep breathing, listening to music, or simply taking a walk are common tools. Then there are the negative options - turning to drugs, alcohol, or physical violence. Have you ever seen a drunk at the craps table? Have you ever seen someone slam their fist on the table in anger after losing a bet? Sometimes simply taking a walk is the right thing to do. How's your stress level when you step up to the table? The physical signs of stress are many and varied. They include clammy hands, shallow breathing, upset stomach, shakiness or tremors, weakness in the knees. There is a whole array of physical stress indicators. And there are also mental symptoms of stress. They include irritation, confusion, distractability, loss of concentration, and loss of confidence. If you're like most of us, you've probably experienced every one of the above to one degree or another while gambling. The question, then, is how do you handle it? Are you even TRYING to handle it? Because the simple fact is - if you suffer from worry, fear, and anxiety - or if you lose your focus and choke under pressure, it is time to find a new way for handling the stress of the game. Otherwise the stress will continue to build - layer up on layer - until you become unable to cope. When that happens your self-confidence goes out the window and the game is no longer any fun. Fight or flight? You've heard me say it many times. But it bears repeating one more time. "If it ain't fun - it's time to run."
144 0f5cb9f5ee [color=green:0f5cb9f5ee][b:0f5cb9f5ee]The Snow’s Comin’ Again[/b:0f5cb9f5ee][/color:0f5cb9f5ee][/size:0f5cb9f5ee] [color=blue:0f5cb9f5ee][b:0f5cb9f5ee]Feb 8, 2010[/b:0f5cb9f5ee][/color:0f5cb9f5ee] It’s going to hit us again. I’m talking about that snowstorm that’s going to hit Chicago. “This system which looms appears capable of producing 8 to 14 inches,” according to the channel 9 weather report. Knowing that this stupid snowstorm is coming, I wasn’t about to go without my craps game that I usually do on Tuesday, so I bumped it up to today (Monday). I had rehab class in the morning so I didn’t get to the boat until 3pm. They had two $10 and two $5 games going and they were all jammed. I waited a few minutes and I lucked out when this guy left at SL2 at a $5 table. I bought in for $200 and put my $6 bucks down on the Don’t Pass. I lost that to the 11 on the first roll. “That’s sucks,’ I thought to myself. “I’ll get that back when I get the dice,” I said. When dice got to me I was down about $15. I put my $5 on the Don’t and rolled and rolled and rolled the dice. I couldn’t seven-out again. I was using the straight 6’s set and I kept making my points. I was stubborn and I didn’t switch to the right side. I realized that I was getting close to getting all the numbers. So I didn’t change my dice set and continued to toss them. But about 2/3rds of the way through my roll, I was getting sick of losing on the come-out rolls. So I laid the 5 for $30. Up to this point I had not rolled one 5. I felt safe in laying it for my come-outs. The first time I tried this bet I parlayed it twice. I had 3 come-out 7’s in a row. I started at $30 then parlayed it to $45 and then $75. After I established the point of 9, I took my lay bet down on the 5. That helped out my bankroll a lot. I’m presently using the same bet on the “Mini-Betting Strategy” Thread on this board. My roll went on, I had made 8 points according the box lady. I had 5 numbers up and the last point I was working on was the 10. I really tried to make that point but I double pitched it and the dice came up 5-2, 7 out. The only other number I hadn’t made was the 5, in fact after rolling a least 35 rolls, I never rolled the 5 one time. The most I was down today was about -$60. Since I had such a good hand the first time, I thought I would use the 1st stage of Dicer’s Strategy the next time. It worked so good that I used it again on my third hand. I was back in the game and back to even again. In the meantime, this shooter bought in at SR1. He was a DI. The last two times that I have played around the rush hour period (between 4 and 7pm), I have noticed a lot of DI’s. They must play after work before they go home. BTW, when I first walk in at 3pm the tables were jammed. Then around 4pm the guys started going home. And at 5:30, I made a point of looking around to see how the other tables were. One was empty, two of them were half full and the 4th table was about 2/3rd’s filled up. It might not be a bad time to play. The tables aren’t crowded and the DI’s are at the tables, something to keep in mind. Anyway this guy was really good. The first time he had the dice he had 5 of the numbers up there. He was going for the “Craps for Cash.” I bet on him on his first roll and lost my Don’t bet to a come-out seven. I mostly watched. He used that Hardway set. I guess that just scared me and that held me from making any place bets on him at first. He used a 3-finger grip in front with his thumb and little pinky on the sides. It looked like a claw gripping the dice. After he established the point he switched dice sets according to whatever the point was. It didn’t take him very long to come right back with it. When he got the dice again, I went $6, 6 and 8 and took a hit or two and then down. I don’t know who he was but he wore a blue t-shirt that said Champion or Champions on it. Is that something the other dice camps wear? Just curious. Anyway, I got back up after playing for 2 hours with a small win. Now I have to wait out this storm until I can get back to the tables again. [color=green:0f5cb9f5ee][b:0f5cb9f5ee]Up for the Day +$15[/b:0f5cb9f5ee][/color:0f5cb9f5ee] [/size:0f5cb9f5ee] $5Bill
145 d85db97a5f Basic Don't Play - Basic Bankroll Recharger! Okay, admit it. You’ve watched those darksiders down at the end of the table for years and you still don’t understand what they’re up to. Relax. You’re not alone. And the good news is it’s not as complicated as it looks. Better still - when the table turns cold there's no better bankroll builder than a simple transition to the dark side. The Don't Pass bet in banker’s craps is the exact opposite of the Pass Line bet. Some people frown on Wrong Way players at the table. They think the darksiders are betting against them and cooling off a hot table. In actuality, the Wrong Way players are betting against the house – just as the Right Way players are. They’re simply taking a different angle of attack by betting against the dice. Don’t Pass wagers are played out as follows: On the come-out roll a 7 or 11 is a loser while a 2 or 3 is a winner. A 12 on the come-out roll is a "push" or tie, and neither you nor the house wins. If the dice roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 the number rolled becomes your point. Once the point is established the 7 must roll before your point is repeated in order for your Don’t Pass bet to win. If your point is rolled before a 7 shows your bet loses. There are a lot of other variables that can be added into the mix. The player can hedge against the possibility of losing his Don’t Pass Bet to a Come-Out seven by hopping the sevens, playing the Big Red, or laying against one of the point numbers. Once the point is established the player can lay Free Odds on his Don’t Pass wager. If he chooses to he take his bet down and call “no action.” If he wishes he can follow it up his Don’t Pass action with additional Don’t Come bets. There are literally dozens of options available for the savvy Don’t player. Here’s an example of how a typical Don’t play might work out. Let’s say our pal Darth steps up to the table and decides to play a Don’t Pass bet on the next Come Out roll. He places a $5 chip on the Don't Pass line and the shooter throws a 2. Surprise! He's a winner right off the bat. Darth locks up a $5 win and leaves his bet on the Don't Pass for the next come-out throw. This time the shooter throws a 7 and Darth loses his Don’t Pass bet. Unfortunately, Darth slept through the part of the class where he was told never to lose more than one Come-out wager on a shooter, and never EVER try to get back in the game by playing a Martingale. So, he replaces his $5 Don’t Pass bet with a $10 Don’t Pass bet and hopes to recoup his loss by doubling up his wager. This time the shooter tosses a six. The six is now Darth’s point. Of course, Darth wants to take Free Odds on his Don’t bet because he’s heard that it will bring the house’s edge down. Since the casino allows up to 5X odds on the six or eight Darth takes the maximum Free Odds available - in this case $60 in Free Odds – on his Don’t Pass bet. Why $60 and not $50? In this case you lay sufficient odds to win 5X your flat bet – or $50. Since the correct odds are 6-5 the correct lay is $60. Now, if the shooter sevens out before repeating the six Darth will win a total of $60 - $10 for his Don’t Pass wager and $50 for the Free Odds bet. But Darth doesn’t like the fact that there are five ways to lose his bet versus just six ways to win – so he partially hedges his action by tossing out a $10 Hard Six wager. Now if the six is thrown hard Darth will collect $90 from the hardway wager to offset the $70 he will lose on the Don’t Pass and Free Odds bet. What happens? Three tosses later the shooter repeats the six – easy – and our pal Darth loses a total of $80 on the hand. Well, that wasn’t a lot of fun, was it? And perhaps that won’t go a long way toward convincing you to play the don’ts. But the fact is, these things are going to happen – just as shooters will seven out when you have a $60 Place bet on the six and eight working. We’ll give Darth another chance on another thread later. But for now let’s wrap up basic don’t play. On most shooters you will probably want to limit yourself to just a single Don’t Pass bet. Playing several Don’t Come bets after establishing a point is sound mathematically, but from a bankroll standpoint it doesn’t make sense for most players. Plus, it gives the shooter too many targets to knock off. If you want to have more than one number working for you - consider making your Don't Pass bet for two units - followed by a Don't Come bet of one unit. That gives you a guaranteed win if the seven shows and knocks off your Don't Come bet. Once those bets are established - if you choose to lay odds be sure you bear in mind the relative size of your bankroll. For most players - laying anything more than double odds simply carries too much bankroll volatility risk. Play in your comfort zone or don't play at all. But by all means get comfortable playing the Don'ts.
146 106b270968 [img:106b270968] ... e366-1.jpg[/img:106b270968] [color=green:106b270968][b:106b270968]The DI’s Were at the Table Today[/b:106b270968][/color:106b270968] [/size:106b270968] [color=blue:106b270968][b:106b270968]Feb 9, 2010[/b:106b270968][/color:106b270968] I didn’t think I would be able to go to the boat today because of all the snow they said that we were going to get. But it wasn’t that bad at all as you can see from the picture I took, right after I walked out of the door. The casino only had 307 people when I went on board. They only had 3 tables opened and they were only half full. I went to this one $5 table and saw that my spot was open at SL1. As I was buying in, I looked at the shooter and noticed that he was the same DI that I played with last night. I bought in for $200 and I didn’t interrupt his shooting at all. Between the fast dealer and me, we did it in a heartbeat. He had already established the point of 4. I knew he was good but he wasn’t in his spot. He was standing at SL7 next to the dealer. I took a chance and went $22 inside for 3 hits. Then I told the dealer to take me down on everything. The very next roll was the 7. In 5 minutes I was up $21. From that moment on, I was never down. There were two other DI’s at SR1 and SR2 besides my pale and myself. I didn’t bet on them because I had never seen them before so I just watched. There weren’t as good as my pale from last night but they weren’t bad either. When I got the dice, I put $5 on the Don’t Pass. The DI at SR1 started talking to the stick and asked why I was shooting from the Don’t. The Dealer said, “He always shoots from the Don’t.” The DI couldn’t understand it. I don’t understand it either when I’m losing. After a while my DI pale left the table. “Where did he go?” I asked myself. I needed him so I could make some more money. I looked over and saw him at another table. It only had two guys at the table. We both looked at each other, like why don’t you come over here kind of look. I was about too but I noticed that my spot over there at SL1 was taken up by another guy. So I decided to stay where I was at my table at SL1. I would go it alone. Soon the other two DI’s went over to his table. I wondered how they were doing. I looked around at my table and now that all the DI’s had left, I just about had the table for my self except for 2 or 3 other people. I bet small again today and I didn’t make much but I was happy. My table was just about empty and this was the opportunity I had been waiting for. But I had been there for a while and I was tired and hungry, plus the fact that I was up and happy with the win that I had in my rack. They said the snow was supposed to get worse later on so I made the decision to pack up and go home. [color=green:106b270968][b:106b270968]Up For The Day +$37[/b:106b270968][/color:106b270968][/size:106b270968] $5Bill
147 a947cbe021 [size=18:a947cbe021][color=green:a947cbe021][b:a947cbe021]Today Was Going To Be an Experiment[/b:a947cbe021][/color:a947cbe021][/size:a947cbe021] [color=blue:a947cbe021][b:a947cbe021]Feb 11, 2010[/b:a947cbe021][/color:a947cbe021] Well the Sun finally came out today after all that snow and now all these dam geese around here won’t quit squawking. I guess they think it’s time to party. That drives me nuts. To bad I don’t live out in the woods where I could go hunting. Then I’d have a free meal every night. Irionside cracked his car up so it will be about a week or two before he gets his car repaired and gets back to the casino again. He’s alright. He told me that his foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas pedal and then ran it into his neighbor’s car. So I’ve been on my own lately and I’ve been doing OK. I got to the casino at 10:45 this morning. I wanted to get my spot at SL1 at the table that opens at 11am. Well I walked in and the table was already filled with guys waiting for it to open. Geez! While I was standing there "Shortstop" came up behind me and said, “Hi.” Now I’ve played with him many times over the years at or at least been at the casino at the same time but at different tables. But for the life of me I couldn’t remember his name. I said, “Hi.” I don’t know if this has ever happened to anyone else but[size=12:a947cbe021][color=red:a947cbe021][b:a947cbe021] I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!![/b:a947cbe021][/color:a947cbe021] [/size:a947cbe021] We talked for a few moments about the crowded tables. We were both looking for the same spot at SL1. I went off in search of a table and squeezed into a spot at SL2. I bought in for $200.The guy next to me at SL1 lost his bets fast and I moved over into his spot. Now I was in position. [color=blue:a947cbe021][b:a947cbe021]Today was going to be an experiment.[/b:a947cbe021][/color:a947cbe021] I don’t know who was talking about it on the board the other day but someone brought up the question, “How much Do You Lose to The Randies Once Around The Table?” So that’s what I set out to find out. I had never kept track of that kind of thing before. [color=blue:a947cbe021][b:a947cbe021]My Strategy:[/b:a947cbe021][/color:a947cbe021] A simple $6 Don’t Pass bet. If the point becomes the 6 or 8, I will place the point for $6. If the point is any other number, I’ll leave it to win or lose. If I lose then I go up $1 on my Don’t Pass bet to make it look like $7. If that loses, I go back down to $6 again. If that loses, I would have a choice to stop betting on that randie or switch to the right side. [color=blue:a947cbe021][b:a947cbe021]Today’s Out Come:[/b:a947cbe021][/color:a947cbe021] I did not bet on every randie. If I had the slightest doubt about the shooter or the bet, I would wait for the next shooter.The dice went around the table twice and I played for 2 hours. Shooter #1 = $6+ Myself #2 = $1+ Shooter #3 = $6+ Shooter # 4 = I had some doubt so I waited until he had made 3 points. Then I went on the Don’t and he threw 3 for the come out. I went back and put $6 on the Don’t and he rolled a 6/8 so I placed the point for $6. He made the point. I went back on the Don’t Pass again for $6 and lost, he made another point. I went back on the Don’t Pass for $7 since I lost on the last time. He finally sevened-out after making 6 points. My Winnings on Shooter #4 was; $6+, +$1, -$6, +$7 = Total +$8 Shooter #5 = $0, The point was a 6/8. I placed the point and he sevened-out. Shooter #6 = $6+ Shooter #7 = $0, The point was a 6/8. I placed the point and he sevened-out. Myself #8 = $5+ Shooter #9 = $1+ The point was a 6/8. I placed the point and he made his point. I didn’t go back and play him. Shooter #10 = $0, The point was a 6/8. I placed the point and he sevened-out. Shooter #11 = $0, The point was a 6/8. I placed the point and he sevened-out. Shooter #12 = $6+ This was an experiment on how much money I was either winning or losing on the randies. I wasn’t concerned about my play so I just made a minimum bet for myself. [size=18:a947cbe021][color=green:a947cbe021][b:a947cbe021]Up For The Day = $39+[/b:a947cbe021][/color:a947cbe021][/size:a947cbe021] While I was still at the table, I saw Shortstop leave his spot at SL1 at another table that he was finally able to find. After he cashed in at the cage, I caught his attention. When he came over I just had to ask him what his name was. I felt like an absolute fool and Sooo embarrassed but it was driving me crazy for the fact that I couldn’t remember. I hope I’m not losing my marbles. [b:a947cbe021]Sorry [/b:a947cbe021]Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, Shortstop, I won’t forget the next time. $5Bill
148 d3adbe723f [size=18:d3adbe723f][color=green:d3adbe723f][b:d3adbe723f]Happy Valentines Day Roll at the Craps Table Today[/b:d3adbe723f] [/color:d3adbe723f][/size:d3adbe723f] [img:d3adbe723f][/img:d3adbe723f] [color=blue:d3adbe723f][b:d3adbe723f]Feb 14, 2010[/b:d3adbe723f][/color:d3adbe723f] All they had at the casino today were 3 $10 tables and 1 $5 table. You can imagine what the $5 table looked like. Something like 3 deep trying to get in. I wanted to make more money anyway so I went to a $10 table and got a spot a SL2. Soon the guy at SL1 left and I moved into SL1. Right away I won my first bet on the Don’t for $12. That put me in a good mood. In no time I was up $35, that’s when I got the dice. I put my $10 on the Don’t pass and I commenced to make my point and roll some 11’s on the come-out roll. I don’t know why I didn’t switch to the right side. I thought I could roll that 7 real easy. I did place $44 inside at one point early on but I took it down after two hits. I continued to roll and roll and roll. The guy next to me at SL2 next to me felt sorry that I wasn’t winning. He was down to a few hundred in green chips when I started but by the time I was ¾ of the way thru my roll, he had a nice stack of blacks. He also had another friend at SR 1 that was winning like crazy too. The point was 8 and I had been rolling about 45 minutes by now. The prop bets were stacked up high because I was throwing hard 6’s 8’s and 10’s. I finally made the 8 the hard way and everybody went crazy. The guy next to me tossed me 2 green chips and put me up on the hard 8 for $30. The other guy at SR1 threw another green chip my way. At that point I had set the 5 as the point and I placed $34 inside. I got two hits and took my 9 down but left my 6 and 8 up. I kept tossing and the guy next to me pressed my 6 place bet up another $30. All this time I was trying to seven-out but I just couldn’t do it. I could have changed sets but now I had a $42 – 6, a $12 – 8, and a $30 hard 8 and I didn’t want to seven out now. I wanted to keep rolling. Man was I ever trying to hit that hard 8. That would have made my day. I would have been happy if I had rolled the 6 but for some reason they didn’t show up again. Then it happened, I had the dice set using the straight 6’s with the 6’s looking up. I had hoped that both dice would go off axis so I could get either my third hard 6 or my 2rd hard 8 for this roll but when the dice came off the wall, one of the dice hit a stack of red chips and stopped dead. It was a 6 – 1 seven-out. Everybody went, Ahhhh! But everybody made one hell of a lot of money on my roll. I asked the guy next to me how long my roll was. He said, “ It was about and hour.” Then he asked another guy and the dealers and they all said it was an hour roll. I know there was a lot of prop action to slow things down but I rolled a lot. I wish I had kept count. After an hour roll, I had made 4 points and was working on my 5th point. It’s funny because the only points that I made were the 8 twice and the 5 twice. I was working on my 3rd 5 when I sevened-out. We went thru 3 complete stick changes and had to have more chips brought in. We were running out of them.The only 7 thrown after an hour was at the end when I seven-out. I didn’t want to give back any of my winnings. The table was just too crowded and I didn’t want wait to get the dice again and end up betting on the randies so I left the table. The guys and the dealers said, “See you again,” as I left the table. The dealers were happy with my roll because they had made a lot of tips. It was a Happy Valentines Day at the Craps Table Today. [size=18:d3adbe723f][color=green:d3adbe723f][b:d3adbe723f]Up For The Day +$80[/b:d3adbe723f][/color:d3adbe723f][/size:d3adbe723f] $5Bill
149 e5795fe46e [color=blue:e5795fe46e][b:e5795fe46e]Feb 15, 2010[/b:e5795fe46e][/color:e5795fe46e] [color=blue:e5795fe46e][b:e5795fe46e]As a Darksider, What are Your Chances of Throwing an Unintentionally Long Hand?[/b:e5795fe46e][/color:e5795fe46e] Part One ... 98&page=97 Now this article from the Mad Professor’s is right up my ally. I know that sometimes I can’t 7-out when I’m trying too and I hate it. I was just looking over my February posts so far this month and I realized that I’m Really missing out on some big money making hands. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. Just this month, I could have made enough money to buy a big flat screen TV, a brand new computer and have enough money left over to take another trip to Vegas again. As I was looking over my posts, I noticed when I get on these big hands, I’m using the straight six’s set with the 7’s all around or the straight six’s set with the 6’s looking up. I figured that one or both dice are going off axis. That’s what happened yesterday when I got on that hour long roll. Here are the days this month when I couldn’t 7-out and this is just for this month. I didn’t have the heart to go back any further and see all the other long rolls I have had. [color=red:e5795fe46e][b:e5795fe46e]Feb 2, I made 3 points Feb 5, the 1st session = in the 20 roll range, in the 2nd session = I had a 22 roll hand trying to 7-out Feb 8, I made 8 points tying to 7-out Feb 15, I rolled for 1 hour playing the Don’t [/b:e5795fe46e] [/color:e5795fe46e] Anyway, I just have to figured out what makes me stick to the Don’t side when I get on these big rolls. [color=blue:e5795fe46e][b:e5795fe46e]I need help with this. I’m missing out on too much money!![/b:e5795fe46e][/color:e5795fe46e] $5Bill [b:e5795fe46e][/b:e5795fe46e]
150 b160992fe1 [size=18:b160992fe1][color=green:b160992fe1][b:b160992fe1]The Straight 6’s Worked Great[/b:b160992fe1] [/color:b160992fe1] [/size:b160992fe1] [color=blue:b160992fe1][b:b160992fe1]Feb 16, 2010[/b:b160992fe1][/color:b160992fe1] After looking over my last post and the replies I got, I had to go out and try tossing using the straight 6’s with the sevens all around. I got to the boat about 7:30 in the evening last night. It wasn’t too bad. Of course it was snowing outside again, not very much but I think it kept some of the people away from the tables. I found a half empty $10 game and got my spot at SL1. The dice came to me almost immediately. I put my $10 on the Don’t Pass and set the dice for the all 7’s using the straight 6’s. Here’s how that first roll went. I established the 5 for the point. I placed $34 inside and rolled a 4, then and 8. I pressed up my inside bet by $17 to make it look like $51 inside. Still using the straight 6’s with the 7’s all around, I rolled another 8 the Hardway. At that point I took everything down and set the dice for the Flying V with the 6 – 2 looking up. I rolled the 7 on that roll just like the Mad Professor said it would and collected another $10 on my Don’t Pass. It worked perfectly. “This is so cool,” I thought to myself. In less then 10 minutes, I was up +$45. I went off to get a decaf while the other guys were taking their turn. But when I got back the whole table was full of people. “Where did they come from?” I waited out a couple of rollers and then finally made a Don’t bet on some randie. That was a bad mistake. There wasn’t any other table to go too. I should have gone home but I just got there. There was this one shooter at the other end of the table who was shooting for this other guy. They were a team. He would shoot and the other guy would do the all the betting. I wasn’t paying attention at first and I lost to his come-out rolls. After making his 3rd point, I thought I would take advantage of all the 7’s he was throwing on the come-out so I layed the 5 for $30. Wouldn’t you know it, this guy rolls the 5 and I get knocked off. It was like he could roll any number at will. Of course that’s just a bunch of baloney but it felt that way. I had lost all my winnings an then some on the randies. . “This Sucks!” I remember saying to myself. I get the dice again and tried the same thing as last time but this time I knocked myself off of my inside bets when I rolled the 7. After that the crew announced “Red Alert” and they changed the table back to $5. I sure didn’t need that. The table had started to thin out again until that did that. Now the table became crowded again. I stayed at the $10 betting level on myself and played minimum $5 bets on the randies. That helped a lot. The next time I got the dice, I set for the 7’s using the straight 6’s and established the 10 as the point. I had $10 on the Don’t pass. I went $44 inside and got two hits. I pressed it up to $66 inside after the 1st hit. When I got the 2nd hit I took everything down and set the dice to the flying V again, This time I made the point. I wasn’t happy about that. I replace the Don’t pass with $11 this time but I kept making the points again. I was on my 4th point and had lost all the winning that I had made at the beginning of my roll so I went back and did $44 inside again for two hits and pressing it up after the 1st hit again. That worked out great and then after I took everything down again, I was able to 7-out and collect my $10 on my Don’t pass. It was getting late and I had to wake up early in the morning to go get a blood test at the VA, so I colored up and left the table. For the time being I’m going to use the straight 6’s with the 7’s all around in order to hit some box numbers. As long as it keeps working, I’ll play it. I just have to stay away from the randies. If it were just me at the table, I would have made a lot more money. [size=18:b160992fe1][color=green:b160992fe1][b:b160992fe1]Up for The Day +$50[/b:b160992fe1][/color:b160992fe1][/size:b160992fe1] $5Bill
"Get in, get up, and get gone."
- Heavy