The Original Crapsfest and Axis Power Craps Archival Post #2

The Axis Power Craps Forum has been around in one form or another for over 10 years. Many of the posts from those years have been preserved in one form or another in our archives. This forum is a work in process while we work to preserve and re-post as many of those threads as possible. If you have saved any of your archival posts through the years feel free to share them here.

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The Original Crapsfest and Axis Power Craps Archival Post #2

Post by heavy » Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:25 pm

I hate to re-post this intro at the beginning of each archival post, but I think it's necessary to help those who stumble on them out of sequence. If you've read it once then you can just scroll down the page and start on the next 20 posts.

When the original Axis Power Craps forum was taken down by the ProBoards folks back in 2010 there were over 25,000 posts archived on the board. Thanks to the diligence of several of our board members we were able to preserve around 3000 of the best posts and move them to the Crapsfest Forum in October 2010. Posting continued over there until we hit the 4000 mark, but due to software issues we ended up taking the Crapsfest board down as well. We finally managed to grab a download of the data base from the Crapsfest forum. The posts that follow in this series are directly from that data base.

That's the good news. The bad news it that this capture is in Word format and it includes every bit of html or bbl code that would have been invisible to you on the old forum. That means you'll see code for font size, color, links, and more. It makes it a tad on the cumbersome side to read. However, panning for gold is a pain in the . . back . . . as well. But the gold dust and nuggets you find after sifting through the sand can be quite rewarding. To you I will simply say - it's worth much more than the price of admission (which happens to be free). Enjoy it.

The other issue we have with the archives is the fact that the data base does not recognize members by their usernames. Instead, it assigns each member a code number - e.g. cfe3c39577. That particular code happens to be $5Bills. I know this because he signs most of his posts. If you do NOT sign your posts then there will be no attribution on these archival posts. I apologize if that's a problem for any of you. Just remember that your posts are your property and we will not "sell" or otherwise use them without your permission. Feel free to post at the end of the threads if you want to claim (or disavow) any of the posts. Alas, it is what it is.

If one of you old-timers is interested in volunteering to go through these threads, remove the html/bbl code, correct spacing, etc. and add attribution where you can figure it out then please let me know. I will be happy to grand you moderator powers on this forum so you can edit threads. PM me here on the board or e-mail me at

The maximum post size on the forum is 60,000 characters, so I am going to have to break these 4000 posts down into smaller chunks. We'll see how this works out. My best guess at this point is that it is going to take around 200 individual posts to re-post the 4000 from the data base. That means this is going to be an on-going process for awhile - since I just don't have a lot of time to devote to the project.

Making comments on the individual threads will be difficult, so I am going to suggest that if something triggers an idea you'd like to discuss that you start a NEW thread on the appropriate forum on the board.

Last of all - I suggest ignoring any links or e-mail addresses listed in these posts as the odds are they are no longer functioning. This is particular true in the case of links to banners, photos, etc.

Here is archival post #2


21 cd8ee0fc8b Sit Down Games - Roulette Anyone? From time to time I talk about the importance of having a “sit-down” game so you can take an occasional break from the craps table but still stay in the action. For some of you that may mean crashing in front of a slot or video poker machine. For others, it’s Blackjack, Pai Gow, or Mini Bac. For me, it usually means taking a trip to the Roulette wheel. There are as many, if not more systems and strategies for Roulette then Craps. Why? A look at the layout and it’s plain to see. You can bet high, low, even, odd, red or black. Then there’s the dozens bet, streets and rows. Or move to the inside and play straight up, split, or quads. Since the layout of all Roulette wheels is exactly the same (except for the number of 0’s on the American versus the European wheel) whatever system or strategy you utilize is completely portable. You can use it at virtually any casino in the world. One way to play is to key on Action Numbers. This is the play John Patrick favors. Action Numbers are spread around the wheel in such a manner that no matter where the ball falls, it will have a good shot at hitting one. Here are the numbers - you’ll have to look at them on a layout to appreciate how powerful they are: A. 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 B. 17 - 18 - 20 - 21 C. 28 - 29 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 The first set of numbers <A> is a Double-Street bet. You make it by placing three chips on the outside line between the 10 and 13. The second set of numbers <B> is a Quad or Square bet. You make it by placing one chip on the intersecting line in the middle of the Square containing all four numbers. The last set of numbers <C> is another Double-Street bet. Make it by placing three chips on the outside line between the 28 and 31. That’s a total of seven chips in action and you have 42% of the layout covered. No, it doesn’t overcome the house edge. No Roulette system does. But it will give you a fair shot at taking home some of the casino’s money. And, it'll give you a chance to get a load off your feet. Play roulette? Have a favorite strategy? Let's hear it.
22 a54a5fa342 Looking forward to your reports Bill. GC
23 2d63d4162e The Luck Factor Have you ever noticed that lucky people always seem to meet their perfect partners, achieve their lifelong ambitions, find fulfilling careers, and live happy and meaningful lives. They aren't successful because they work especially hard. They aren't amazingly talented or exceptionally intelligent. Instead, they simply appear to have an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time and enjoy more than their fair share of lucky breaks. Dr. Richard Wiseman, a well known British psychologist, founded The Luck Project to scientifically explore psychological differences between people who considered themselves exceptionally lucky and unlucky. The results of this work reveal that people are not born lucky. Instead, lucky people are, without realising it, using four basic principles to create good fortune in their lives. [b:2d63d4162e]Principle One:[/b:2d63d4162e] Maximize Chance Opportunities. Lucky people are skilled at creating, noticing and acting upon chance opportunities. They do this in various ways, including networking, adopting a relaxed attitude to life and by being open to new experiences. [b:2d63d4162e]Principle Two:[/b:2d63d4162e] Listening to Lucky Hunches. Lucky people make effective decisions by listening to their intuition and gut feelings. In addition, they take steps to actively boost their intuitive abilities by, for example, meditating and clearing their mind of other thoughts. [b:2d63d4162e]Principle Three:[/b:2d63d4162e] Expect Good Fortune. Lucky people are certain that the future is going to be full of good fortune. These expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies by helping lucky people persist in the face of failure, and shape their interactions with others in a positive way. [b:2d63d4162e]Principle Four:[/b:2d63d4162e] Turn Bad Luck to Good. Lucky people employ various psychological techniques to cope with, and often even thrive upon, the ill fortune that comes their way. For example, they spontaneously imagine how things could have been worse, do not dwell on the ill fortune, and take control of the situation. Dr. Wiseman's new book - [i:2d63d4162e]The Luck Factor [/i:2d63d4162e]- is available now at
24 490abc5a63 Thanks [b:490abc5a63]Heavy, thanks for resurrecting this site![/b:490abc5a63] The country has been taken over by Nanny State wimps and sue-happy attorneys to the point that almost everyone has become terrified of being sued. I think the ProBoards position on all this is pathetic and disgusting. Carry on, and thanks again!
25 e270cde1c0 I use nothing but the action numbers. I found them by reading John's book back in the early nineties. The only thing I add different is my two lucky numbers of 11 & 29 which happen to be across from each other on the wheel. If I go three times and do not pick up a hit I color up and go. If I do pick up a hit I add one or two chips to the one's that hit. If the next roll misses I go back to two chips on the streets three chips on the quad and one on my lucky numbers. I once had 29 to hit three times in a row and had $25 on it when it hit. NOTHING BUT THE ACTION NUMBERS GC
26 343deba5e6 Beauty is only Skin Deep Imagine stepping up to a beautiful new craps table in your casino of choice. None of that formica and plastic junk - this baby is all hand turned and rubbed mahogany with solid brass trim. The layout is new and clean and soft as a baby's behind. You buy in, place a single unit on the line plus a buck for the boys, carefully grip the dice, pick-up, release, follow-through. The dice float through the air - big and fat and mirror images of one another - three to five rotations of back spin then down to the table, landing perfectly square . . . and one bounces left and crashes into the puck, while the other does a crow-hop into the hook. What, you ask, was that all about? It could be that the dice did exactly what casino management wanted them to do. It's a known fact that casinos are stepping up counter measures against precision shooters. And one of those measures is devilishly simple - the casino simply varies the underlay beneath the layout. Step into the back room with me and take a look at this Frankensteinian tabletop. Peel away the layout and behold the monster. It is not a solid sheet of plywood as you have been led to believe. There is a layer of foam or newspaper or an layout beneath the felt. Down near your landing zone the table has been scored with a saw, leaving corrugated grooves that catch the dice and knock them off axis. It's all there, beneath that smooth, sleek new layout - which itself is constructed from a high-tech synthetic designed to "grab" the dice. Oh, yeah. And we haven't even started talking about the new "flubber" rail rubber.. Yes, this table is out there already - lurking - waiting to take your money. They've got you figured out, right? Wrong. Because you've practiced and practiced and practiced under a variety of conditions. You have several practice boxes at home and change the surfaces weekly, putting place mats and linoleum and blankets and towels and triple layers of felt down in anticipation of this moment. It takes a few tosses in the casino - but then you find it. The dead spot. Perhaps it's just a tiny 4X4 square in the hook. You may even lose forty or fifty bucks before you find it. But it's there. And once you find it you bang the dice in there over and over and over. Yes, beauty is only skin deep. But beauty can be found even in the ugliest of monsters. You only have to look deep enough to find her charms.
27 52102cfac3 [color=blue:52102cfac3][b:52102cfac3]Actions Numbers Sequence #1[/b:52102cfac3][/color:52102cfac3] [img:52102cfac3] ... uence1.jpg[/img:52102cfac3] [color=blue:52102cfac3][b:52102cfac3]Action Numbers Sequence #2[/b:52102cfac3][/color:52102cfac3] [img:52102cfac3] ... ence-1.jpg[/img:52102cfac3] $5Bill
28 6be9ebc35f The Trouble with Team Play Through the years we've had a lot of talk about team play at craps, yet everyone has a slightly different opinion of just what team play is. For some it's a business proposition. For others it's a social event. You should have a clear understanding of which direction you are going before you get it cranked up. True team play is usually handled one of two ways. Either with a pooled bankroll or with a money man who provides the bankroll and pays shooters with a percentage of the profits. Let's talk about the classic team play with pooled bankroll. The usual configuration - and the one we teach in our Boot Camp series of seminars - calls for two to four shooters, plus two blockers. One of the blockers typically handles the bulk of the team's bankroll and betting. The other serves as bookkeeper and plays some sort of minor hedge strategy. I won't bother you with the whole betting approach taken with this type of team. Suffice to say all that the shooters have to focus on is shooting the dice. The designated bettors handle everything else. At the end of their pre-determined play everyone adjourns to a neutral location and the winnings are split proportionally. This is a style of play that requires intense discipline. Every play has to be pre-arranged and agreed to by all parties - there is no improvisation. And you have to play with people you trust. The money-man play is quite similar but the shooters are essentially playing for a percentage of the win. You'll have a strong financial backer and two or three shooters. They'll set up much the same as the traditional team - however the money man controls virtually all of the betting. These are often high-roller types who are there for the action - not necessarily top shelf when it comes to strategy. I witnessed such a team awhile back - with the money man starting out with $6400 across. The shooter would have these great hands of 20 - 25 numbers - but about half of them were craps numbers where the money man did not get paid. Invariably - about the time they had taken five or six thousand off the table the shooter would seven out. It was obvious the money man had never heard of the concept of a regression - as he could have locked up a profit after the first hit on any of his numbers - regressed to $640 across and still had a guaranteed win - and the flexibility to press them back up. When most of us talk of team play we're really taking about getting together with a group of our friends and taking on the casino - with everyone running their own bets and playing with their own bankroll. These can be great times - but they should be viewed more as social events. Yes, sometimes you will win and win big. But that usually comes with time - as you get to know your team mates and their strengths and weaknesses. Understand that most people are going to fraterinze with their friends at the table and most likely will not pay attention to their action like they would when playing alone. They're simply having too much fun to worry about winning. And as long as they don't lose so much - they see it as an entertainment expense. And that, after all, is really what gambling is all about. Entertainment. Sometimes it pays - and pays well. But it's really about having a great time. Which, of course, gets me to one of my favorite money management lines - "When it ain't fun - it's time to run."
29 2d2c3a357e [color=green:2d2c3a357e][b:2d2c3a357e]Starting Off With a Win [/b:2d2c3a357e][/color:2d2c3a357e] [/size:2d2c3a357e] [color=blue:2d2c3a357e]Aug 1, 2009[/color:2d2c3a357e] It always feels good to start off the month with a win. Just like winning your first bet of the day. I bought in today for $50 and[color=green:2d2c3a357e][b:2d2c3a357e] made +$24[/b:2d2c3a357e][/color:2d2c3a357e] [/size:2d2c3a357e]in 10 minutes and then walked. Next week I'll get a full session in. I've been kind of quiet because I haven't been at the casino very much in June and July. I lost right off the bat both months so I had to stay home. August is gonna be my month to make some money though. $5Bill
30 b773fb44d3 [color=blue:b773fb44d3] Aug 2, 2009[/color:b773fb44d3] The way I saw it. I was ahead $24 in 10 minutes and the fact I would have had to wait another 13 shooters before I got the dice back made me leave the table. Well, that's not all completely true, I HAD to gooo so bad I had to leave. $5Bill
31 4e0c14502b [color=green:4e0c14502b][b:4e0c14502b]Another Win[/b:4e0c14502b][/color:4e0c14502b][/size:4e0c14502b] [color=blue:4e0c14502b]Aug 6, 2009[/color:4e0c14502b] I knew it would be a good day today. Went to Harrah’s to cash in a $15 coupon. On the way out, I stopped at the tables to see what the minimums were. One table was crowded but the other one only had one girl at SR1. I hadn’t planned on playing here but hey, that’s my kind of table. So I went over there and bought in for $100. When she got through sevening-out. I put down my $10 on the Don’t and set the dice. The dice were bouncing all over the place. These tables are still too bouncy for my taste. After a couple of tosses, I collected my wining Don’t bet and let the girl do her thing. I got the dice again and I did a repeat of my last hand. I found myself up $20 plus my coupon money so I decided to get out of Harrah’s before they had a chance to take my money back. It’s too bad I didn’t bet on the girl though because she kept sevening-out while I was at the table. Well that’s $35 I made in 15 minutes and now I’m off to the Empress were they have $5 tables. I got to the Empress but only one table was opened and that was packed. The cage was nearby and I had to cash in another coupon for $6. I went to the bar and got my decaf and went back to the tables. The only thing I could do was wait and hope someone would leave. Son-of-gun as soon as I sat down at this slot machine to wait, this guy at SL1 leaves and another guy quickly slips in my stop. Dam! He only had one red chip with him though so I knew he wasn’t long for this table but you never know. One time I saw a guy do that with 2 red chips. That’s all he had. He put them on the field and the shooter started throwing nothing but field numbers. The guy who made the bet didn’t really know what he was doing. He just saw that if he left his chips out there that he would continue to win. Boy did he win. When the hand was over he had parlayed $10 into $3,000. Holy crap, that was a thrill to see. Anyway, getting back to the crap table here, I stood in back of this guy and sure enough it only took 1 roll and he was gone. Now I had my favorite spot. Since I have had two straight months in a row where I lost my bankroll at the beginning of the month (June and July) I had to take it easy with my play today. The only bets I made were $5 on the Don’t with one exception. I had the dice halfway through my session and I kept shooting myself in the foot. So to make up for it, I did a $30 6 and 8 with $15 in the field. If the shooter had rolled a 7 on that next toss I would have been down for the day. I realized that I just couldn’t get stupid again. After I won that field bet, I went back playing $5 on the Don’t the rest of the time. The whole day, I never found myself down. I just played with my winnings all day. My legs were getting tired and I wanted to leave before I ran into rush hour traffic. I counted up my chips and I made another $34. Total for the day at both casinos including my coupons equaled, [color=green:4e0c14502b][b:4e0c14502b]Up +$75[/b:4e0c14502b][/color:4e0c14502b][/size:4e0c14502b] Not Bad, I’ll take that any day. $5Bill
32 ae60373e37 [color=green:ae60373e37][b:ae60373e37]Too Much Craziness[/b:ae60373e37][/color:ae60373e37][/size:ae60373e37] [color=blue:ae60373e37]Aug 7, 2009[/color:ae60373e37][/size:ae60373e37] Stopped in my home casino today. I haven’t been there too much lately and I wanted to see what was going on. At 2pm they had all 4 of their tables at $5. It was crowed but I found one spot at SR1. I just did the minimum $5 Don’t bet on all the randies including the one time that I had the dice. Then this one guy buys in and makes some $25 hardway bets on the 4 and 8. He also had a nice sized buy bet on the 4 and 10. Well the shooter at the other end starts banging out the hard 4’s and 8’s. In a mater of a few minutes he’s up a $1,000. When the hand ended, the suit comes over and changes it to a $10 table in three shooters. Well that figures. I didn’t bother hanging around and went off to find another $5 table I got lucky and found my spot at SL1 but had just missed the dice. I’d have to wait another 13 shooters until the dice came back to me. So I just relaxed doing my own thing playing $5 on the Don’t. I wasn’t making much but I didn’t expect too with the kind of betting I was doing. I only planned on making between $25 and $30 for the day. Twice I got my winnings up to $27 and tried for that one last win to push me over the $30 mark but every time I tried, I seemed to take a couple of steps backward. Then the suit came over to my table and changed it to a $10 game in two shooters. I would be the last $5 shooter. After waiting all this time the dice finely came to me. This is where I got really pissed off. Just as I released the dice on the comeout roll, this guy at SR1 stuck his hand out and my dice hit his hand. The dice fell straight down to the deck for a 6-1. The dealer took my $5 Don’t bet away and I just glared at that guy. I wanted to blow my top at him. I could have caused a scene but I didn’t want to get myself in trouble. I just started coming back to my home casino again after being away for a while and that wouldn’t be a good way to start things off. I set the dice AGAIN and made the 10 as the point. Since I had $6 on the Don’t now, I layed it for $20 and placed $22 inside. I had planned on taking two hits and then take everything down including my lay bet to let my Don’t bet stand to win or lose. Well I was still pissed at this guy at SR1 so I didn’t get but 1 hit before the 7 showed up. My Roll when like this; 7,10,5,7. I walked away after my roll was over. I strolled around and found that they only had one $5 table left but it was jammed. In back of me was a roulette table. Why not, I thought. I put $10 on the first dozen and $10 on the second dozen. I was afraid to watch were the ball landed. All I saw was the girl move the marker down toward the third dozen, Shit! But all of a sudden she stopped and dropped it on the last number in the second dozen, number 24. Great, now I added the $10 to the $8 win that I took away from the craps table. As I started to walk out of the casino, I saw this $10 crap game emptying out. That’s was the sign off a cold table. I put my $10 on the Don’t and the shooter went Point Seven Out. Alright, but the shooter had knocked one of my red chips off my Don’t bet and the girl dealer took it after he sevened-out leaving just a $5 red chip on my Don’t bet. The girl said this is a $10 game and she wasn’t going to pay me, WTF! I told her that she took my other red chip. Thank goodness the box lady was on the ball and told the dealer to pay me my $10. No Way was I going to stick around in all this craziness. Everybody got stupid all of a sudden. I cashed in and left. I had reached my win goal for the third time. It would have saved me a lot of grief if I had walked when I had reached my win goal the first time instead of trying to push it. It seems that sometimes you just can’t get past that hump. [color=green:ae60373e37][b:ae60373e37]Up +$28 for the day[/b:ae60373e37][/color:ae60373e37][/size:ae60373e37] $5Bill
33 8c34c59033 [color=red:8c34c59033][b:8c34c59033]SATURDAY SUCKED[/b:8c34c59033][/color:8c34c59033][/size:8c34c59033] [color=blue:8c34c59033]Aug 10, 2009[/size:8c34c59033][/color:8c34c59033] I just knew I shouldn’t have gone to play in Joliet this past Saturday. I was even going to cancel my hookup. I kept thinking that they only had one table opened in the morning and it probably would be jammed. But when I got there to meet up hardly anybody was there. I told the person I was meeting up with that I was thinking of canceling, he said you should have. Then when I looked at the minimum sign it said it was a $10 table. Dam, I wasn’t excepting that. I should have gone to my home casino were I knew that there were four $5 tables going. I hung in there playing $10 on the Don’t and I was staying around even. It was a choppy table. About halfway through the session, I had the dice and started shooting myself in the foot for $10 a crack. With my $200 buy-in shrinking very fast. So I switched over to the right side and whipsawed myself with a 7-out. I was doing Dicer’s strategy and I had just pressed my $44 inside to $66. that’s when I got waked. It didn’t take very long to finish myself off. On the way home I decided to go to my home casino after I stopped off at the house. Sure enough, when I got to my home casino all the tables were at $5. I bought in for $100 and just laid back and played small, you know, $5 on the Don’t. The table was cold and I got up +$40. At this point if I had come here first instead of going to Joliet, I would have left with a $40 win for the day but I guess I thought I could get some more of my money back from this morning. Most of the other guys had left this cold table and new people came in the game and that change the table from cold to choppy. I started losing my profit and decided to play the right side a couple of times. No matter what I did, it was the wrong move. It took a while but I managed to lose at my home casino too. So that’s it for this month. I’ll have to wait until September to play again. [color=red:8c34c59033][b:8c34c59033]Joliet – Down -$199 Elgin – Down -$102 Total for the day, Down - $301 [/b:8c34c59033] [/color:8c34c59033][/size:8c34c59033] $5Bill
34 a60b84b114 [size=18:a60b84b114][color=indigo:a60b84b114][b:a60b84b114]Hurry Up September[/b:a60b84b114][/color:a60b84b114][/size:a60b84b114] [color=blue:a60b84b114]Aug 15, 2009[/color:a60b84b114] It’s only been a week since I posted last? Time sure goes slow when you’re NOT having fun. I still have about 2 and a half weeks left before the first of the month, then I can hit the tables again. At least I’ll have plenty of time to think about how I will play when I do get back to the casino In the meantime, I have been keeping myself busy over on Facebook playing Mafia Wars with Heavy and Maddog and the rest of the guys and posting some old family pictures. Of course all these doctor appointments keep me running around. I’ve been to 4 of them so far this month and I still have 3 more to go too. I’d rather face heat at the crap tables then to go to another doctor but if I want to stay healthy then that’s what I have to do. Anyway I wish I could contribute some trip report in here somewhere. That would be fun. $5Bill
35 35ec775558 The Joy of a Non Gambling Spouse Let's face it. Not everybody likes to gamble. My bride is a perfect example. Oh, she will accompany me to the casino from time to time - but she has no interest in table games and very little interest in slots that require more than a nickle a pull. Sounds okay - a cheap date, right? The problem is she expects yours truly to plop down at a machine next to her so we can play together. Slots? Me? For nickles? I mean, real live five-cent nickles? Hmmm. Not likely. So what do you do with a non-gambling spouse? Well, we've agreed on a couple of options around my place. My wife doesn't particularly like road trips, so often I'll make lone-wolf trips to the casinos. I've done Tunica, Shreveport/Bossier, Vicksburg, Biloxi, New Orleans, St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Chicago, Atlantic City, Connecticut and Vegas - all stag. No - infidelity is not a concern to her. She worries more about my health issues and the hundred or so miles of two lane blacktop between our place and the boats. So, I wear the medic-alert thing on a chain around my neck, monitor my blood sugar and watch what I eat. I make sure to call her when I get to the casino - and call her again when I leave. We spend a lot of time texting on the cell phones. And if I'm too tired to drive home I'll just grab a room comp and sleep over. Not a problem at all. The only real problem we ever had over gamblign was dealing with guilt. Despite having a specific dedicated gaming bankroll, after a losing session I always dreaded coming home and facing the "How much?" question. In fact - I dreaded it so much that I put additional pressure on myself to win - not very productive for precision shooters. So I came up with a win/win way to avoid the question. We came to a simple agreement. Going forward, whenever I won at the casinos she would get 50% of the win. In exchange for that - whenever I lost she would not ask how much. It was a beautiful situation. All the stress was gone and I found myself winning more and more often. Meanwhile, my bride was accumulating a significant stash of $100 bills tucked away in the safe. My bankroll continued to grow as well - and I stepped up my level of play. Then the wheels came off. I put together 13 consecutive loss limit sessions - with losses totalling just a tad under $5K. I wasn't doing anything different - I just wasn't winning anymore. After loss number 13, with less than $300 of my dedicated bankroll left - I was ready to give it up. I told my wife what was happening and how much I'd lost. What do you suppose she did? She opened the safe, took out a handful of $100 bills and handed them to me - then told me to call the casino and book myself a room - essentially telling me to "get back on the horse." And as I was headed out the door she called, "And don't forget to bring that stack of hundreds back when you're done with it." That night I won a little over $2600. The next morning I won another $2300. I'd gotten it all back in just two sessions. I remained in the plus column the rest of that year and finished well ahead of the game. And yes, she got her stack of hundreds back with interest. Creative solutions abound in life - you just have to look for them.
36 02f39c59ff [size=18:02f39c59ff][color=green:02f39c59ff][b:02f39c59ff]That’s The Way I Like…[/b:02f39c59ff][/color:02f39c59ff][/size:02f39c59ff] [img:02f39c59ff][/img:02f39c59ff] [color=blue:02f39c59ff][b:02f39c59ff]Sept 4, 2009[/b:02f39c59ff][/color:02f39c59ff] Isn’t that a disco song by K C and The Sunshine Band? Well that’s the song I was singing to myself as I walked out of the Empress casino today. I have been cooped up in this apartment for the last 3 weeks. But in the mean time the Empress casino and Harrahs in Joliet have been sending me SO MANY coupons for September that I just had to travel down there to cash some of them in. I started off going to Harrah’s first to cash in a $15 coupon. I walked over to the one table that they had going. It was filled up with guys. That, was not in my plans for today so I passed and I didn’t play there. But while I was standing there watching the dice roll, I noticed the sign right below the dealer. It read “ $5 Min and 500 X ODDs. I thought I miss read it so I asked the dealer, “Does that say 500 x Odds?” and the dealer shrugged his shoulders a little and, “Yeah.” I never heard of Odds that high before. So for you high rollers, Harrah’s has all $5 tables and 500 x odds. I don’t know if they raise the table min up to $10 on the weekend or not but both tables were at $5 this Friday morning. I left with my $15 and rode over to the Empress. I cashed in $32 in coupon and went over to the one $5 table that they had opened. It was crowded except for this one spot. It just so happened that Golfer was standing right next to me. He had the dice and said he had to leave to go golfing. He hung around for my turn at the dice and we both put our chip on the Don’t. Well, I’m at about SL4 right in the hook. This too was not in my plans for playing today. It felt like I was shooting cock-eyed but I gave it a shot. I made my point and Golfer left (Sorry Golfer). I got the dice back and put $5 on the don’t again. I rolled a 6 for the point and told the dealer, “$16 inside.” I got a hit and then made my point. I went back and put $6 on the Don’t and rolled a 7 on the come out. I established a 5 for the point and I got one more hit on my inside number and told him to take everything down. I made the 5. Dam. I put $7 on the Don’t and rolled the 6 again.. Anyway, I finally sevened-out. Even though I made $5 on my roll, I knew I couldn’t play like this. This was not my plan for the day. I stood there for about 15 minutes and noticed that they were opening the other table. I grabbed my chips and went over to the other table and put them on the rail at SL1, my favorite spot. I had the dice all to myself for about 5 minutes and then another guy joined in at SR 1. That was fine with me because it gives me a chance to take a little break. I only bet on this guy once. He was rolling the 8’s so I placed the 6 and 8 for $6 each and took two hits and down. I got the dice and won some with every hand. Although the first three hands I only won a buck after that it was $5 a hand. The table was starting to fill up and I was up +$48 plus my coupons. I was a happy camper. I had no plans on betting on any randie today so I left the building. Today, in order to make some money, I knew that I had to find and empty or near empty table and to be able to get my spot at SL1. I accomplished my goal. Total playing time was about one hour. Oh, By The Way, I practiced while I was sitting at home last month. [size=18:02f39c59ff][color=green:02f39c59ff][b:02f39c59ff]Coupons = $47 Winnings = $48 Total for the day = +$95[/b:02f39c59ff][/color:02f39c59ff][/size:02f39c59ff] $5Bill
37 ebd0385107 Glad to see your Continuing the Starting off with a Win thread $5Bill!! CSK
38 b087b51933 Well I have navagated myself to this point so I guess I did something right. With the help of all the great individuals that support this site I know we have a bright future ahead of us. LF
39 79d6ca6cc1 Well, i made it in , glad to be here. Freddieb
40 04dc3014cb Well I have navagated myself to this point so I guess I did something right. With the help of all the great individuals that support this site I know we have a bright future ahead of us. LF
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