Heavy's Axis Power Craps Forum - Registration

Welcome to the Heavy's Axis Power Craps Forum. We appreciate your interest in what we do!

The public version of the forum is available for you to read and enjoy at no cost. There’s a huge amount of great material there. However, as a forum guest you cannot create new posts or respond to existing post. That privilege is reserved for registered members.

In addition to gaining the ability to create posts and respond to existing posts, registered members also gain access to the Members Only portions of the forum. The public portion of the forum only contains a fraction of the content available to registered member. The Members Only portion of the forum contains what we sometimes refer to as “the good stuff.” By that we’re referring to the following sub-forums:.

Dice Control for Casino Craps

The Experts Speak

Heavy’s Hook-Up Forum

The Trip Report Forum

The Stock Market – The Other Crapshoot

The VIP Forum

The content of the Dice Control for Casino Craps and The Experts Speak sub-forums alone make it worth the price of admission.

Registration to become a member and gain full access to the forum is just $12. That’s a one time registration fee we implemented to insure that our members are “live people” and not “spam bots,” and to help weed out flamers and trouble-makers who generally are not willing to pay the price of admission on a forum just so they can stir up trouble. Manually administering a forum also takes a lot of time and money on our part, so your registration fees help offset some of those expenses as well.

As an added incentive for registering, when we activate your account we’ll e-mail you a complimentary copy of Heavy’s Axis Power Craps Manual in e-book form – regularly retail priced at $19.99. You’ll also receive an informational activation e-mail advising you when your account has been activated and providing you with tips on where to fine “the good stuff” on the forum.

Sound good? Then follow this link to register. Be sure to include your preferred username and password for site access.