Yes, it’s that time again. The time when a young man’s thoughts turn to magnolia blossoms, lighthouses, the Gulf coast, fresh oysters, seafood right off the boats, and (of course) some of the best craps action in the country. Yes, I’m talking about the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Biloxi – Gulfport playground where Howard and I first hit the tables together way back in 2001.

Biloxi, Mississippi is home to some of the best craps games in the country. Liberal odds, automatic Buy bets on outside numbers, friendly dealers and generous comps. What more could a dice guy ask for? I already mentioned fresh-from-the-Gulf seafood, including some of the best shrimp and oysters on the planet. So let’s just toss in an opportunity to learn dice control from two of the best in the business – Heavy and Howard “Rock and Roller” – and you have a recipe for a weekend you’ll never forget. And it’s all coming to the coast the weekend of February 26, 2016.

Heavy has been a focal point in the dice control world since first appearing on the scene in the nineties. He has trained hundreds of players through the years, including many who have gone on to become great coaches in their own right. His websites and Internet gaming forums have always been among the most popular dice control related sites on-line.

Howard “Rock ‘n Roller” is one of the world’s greatest dice controllers, and an expert when it comes to tossing hardway and Fire Bet winners. A former GCT owner and PARR coach, Howard has more tosses in his arsenal than anyone else at the tables and is currently on a HUGE winning streak in Vegas.

Last year’s Biloxi seminar was one for the record books, and our recent Tunica seminar and our live sessions together in Vegas were some of the best we’ve put together in years. At one Biloxi seminar recently we even managed to toss back to back 50 plus roll hands! With over twenty five years of DI instruction experience between us – you can’t go wrong on this deal.

Why not plan to arrive on the coast a day early, hook up with friends from prior seminars and get a little play in before the “official” fun begins? On Friday evening we’ll host a casual “Dutch” meet and greet get togehter to hook up with old friends and put new names and faces together while planning hook-up play for the weekend. Who knows, we might even work in a pre-seminar session somewhere while we’re at it.

Here’s our Saturday dealer school agenda:

Dice Control for Casino Craps

Saturday Morning

JumpStart Review of Toss Basics
One-on-One Toss Tweaks
Visualization and Training Your Brain
Betting Basics
Team Play and Live Session Discussion

Break for Lunch (Very Important to Heavy!)

Saturday Afternoon

Alternate throws
The Stack Shot – Heavy’s Original Set, Stack, and Toss
The Split Shot – Howard’s Secret Weapon
The Suitcase – Front to Back Stack
The Lobster – The Underhand Toss
Toss Training Round
Shooting from the Don’ts
Charting – TrendMaster Table Analysis
Betting Strategies
No Sevens Competition

Alumni Students – If you’ve looked at our Vegas seminar pricing you’ll recognize that we’re offering our Mississippi classes at a significant discount over what we charge out West. Here’s how pricing breaks down for Saturday’s classes in Biloxi:

Alumni Half-Day Session AM Session Only – $249. Sign up at this link: … 3EFUUUKBQU

Alumni Half Day Session PM Session Only – $249. Sign up at this link: … A5KQYWZ5T8

Alumni Full Day – $399. Sign up at this link: … Y6RV8DBWL8

New Students – you must sign on for the complete seminar the first time you attend one of our classes. This price is $200 less than what we charge for a comparable class in Las Vegas:

New Student Full Day Session – $599. Sign up at this link: … 67Z9V685GG

On Sunday Howard and I will host TWO invitation only live sessions at a casino to be announced for up to eight subscribers per session. Live session participation fees are $119 for one session – or $219 for both sessions. Live session slots are only available only to players who sign up for either the Alumni or New Student Dice Control Training Sessions on Saturday. Live casino sessions will last 60 to 90 minutes, depending on table/casino conditions and will be played on “open” tables. The coaches reserve the right to split the players into two groups depending upon casino table conditions. Since these sessions will be played on open tables there are no guarantees regarding shooting positions, etc.

Sign up at these links:

First Casino Session (Anticipated Session Start Time 9AM) … HJN5PAFLUG

Second Casino Session (Anticipated Session Start Time 11AM) … Z2KXD5P89U

Both Casino Sessions … EM9BWX97EJ

The Full Meal Deal! Take the Full Day’s Class at the Dealer School on Saturday PLUS BOTH Live Casino Session on Sunday and SAVE!

Alumni: $599. Sign up at this link: … GRCJTNM6YC

New Students: $799. Sign up at this link: … HL5YMP7BLU

If you prefer to pay by check or money order submit your remittance payble to:

Steve “Heavy” Haltom
PO Box 7094
Tyler, Tx 75750

If you prefer to pay by cash a 20% non-refundable deposit is required no later than 45 days prior to the seminar itself. Contact Heavy direct to make arrangements at

As always, your fees cover the cost of the seminar instruction and associated material only. Attendees are on their own for hotel, meal, and travel expenses.

Students will be responsible for their own bankroll and buy in for live casino sessions. While we teach advantage play techniques for casino craps – it’s still gambling. You could lose. Do not play with money you can’t afford to lose. Gambling problem? Get help. Call the National
Council on Problem Gambling toll free at 1-800-522-4700.

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