Heads up to those of you planning a Vegas vacation this Summer. Every year Dice Coach, Irishsetter, Howard Rock n’ Roller and I like to set a little time aside to stand up and salute our fellow craps players with an event we call the Great American Crapshoot. This year’s GAC event will take place in fabulous Las Vegas the weekend of July 16th – 17th. Vegas in July – what’s not to like? It’s always 72 degrees in the casino. Here’s what the coaches have in store for you:

On Friday night it’s the traditional Meet and Greet at a location to be announced. This is a Dutch treat get together to give everyone a chance to make new acquaintances and renew old ones. Swap phone numbers and make plans for live sessions later. Will there BE live sessions later? You can pretty much bet on it. But don’t be up all night because the best is yet to come.

On Saturday we’ll feature two Dice Control training classes – one from 8:30 – 12:30 AM and the other from 2:00 – 6:00 PM. The morning session will be geared toward Toss Tweaks and Tune-ups for alums and Ground-up Toss Training for newer students. We’ll cover the sets, grips, and throws that get the money. Then, in the afternoon session we’ll continue with Intermediate to Advanced Toss Training and Betting Strategies for Dice Influencers. Sign up for either class for $399 – or sign on for both classes and the full day of training for just $795.

For the Saturday Morning Session register here:

For the Saturday afternoon session register here:

For the full day Saturday register here:

Saturday evening you’ll be on your own to enjoy the many amenities Vegas has to offer. Enjoy five star dining, the latest concerts and shows. Jump on a thrill ride or just relax at your hotel. But remember those “Saturday Night Fever” rules and save your bankroll for a time when there are fewer “amateurs” and drunks at the table and more opportunities to handle the dice and win

Sunday morning we’ll feature two tracks to run on. Join us for Advanced Dice Control and Betting with Dice Coach and Heavy– or for an Advanced BoneTracker session with Irishsetter. Those sessions are $399 and $299 respectively. Sign up for your choice of those classes below.

Sign up for Advanced Dice Control and Betting at this link:

Sign up for the Advanced Bonetracker session at this link:

Last of all, we’ll have two Live Casino Sessions with the coaches available on Sunday afternoon. Space is limited to the first eight players to enroll. Session 1 will begin at 2PM and Session 2 will follow at 4PM. Sessions will run 60 to 90 minutes, at the discretion of the coaches. Sign up for one session for $129, or both sessions for $249.

Sign on for a single session here:

Sign on for both sessions here:

Want to do it all and save more? Sign up for all Saturday session plus both live casino sessions for just $999 here:

Or sign up for all Saturday sessions, your choice of Sunday morning advanced sessions, and both live casino sessions for just $1299 here:

If you prefer to pay by credit card by phone call “Beth” (aka Mrs. Dice Coach) at 1-866-342-3626.

As always, your tuition covers the cost of the class and all materials. You are responsible for your own transportation, accommodations and meals.

See you this July for the Great American Crapshoot!


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